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removing front wheel with no front stand

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by gsxr movistar, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. just wondering if anyone has ever used a jack to get front wheel off the ground for removal? in my owners manual for my gsxr it say to jack it up under the headers.i have rear stand only.

  2. You need to get a front stand that sits up into the underside of the triple clamp. You can then easily remove the front wheel and suspension.
  3. yeah i know,just hoping i wouldnt have to as it says you can use bottle jack in owners manual?? just wondering if anyone had actually done it.
  4. I've done it lots.
    I always use a rope or tiedowns from the upper triple clamp to the
    rafters to support the bike so it doesn't fall over. A second rope or
    pair of tiedowns from the rafters to the rear of the bike
    (e.g. grab rails or rear footpeg mounts) will help also and then you won't
    need the sidestand down (which is a chancy proposition).
    Also use a broad lump of wood between the jack and the bike
    so the pressure spreads evenly and doesn't damage anything (eg dent
    the headers).

    I hope your garage has exposed rafters else you might want to put
    some eye bolts into the ceiling.

    When you raise the bike, do it slowly and each inch or two check and
    tighten the safety ties.
  5. I've done it off the sump and the side stand. It works remarkably well and is quite stable.
    Loosen off the bolts before you lift it so you're not rocking the bike while it's up there.
    I used a trolly jack not a bottle jack.
  6. thanks guys,lots of help.have to fit braking wave disks,so will try it with that.
  7. and if you have a spare engine crane, straps around the frame (tank removed) work a treat. Also a good way to remove the triple clamps without the risk of the bike falling. 299 (or was it 199) from supercrap - 2 ton rating

    (And if you're as lazy as me, you can do the valve timing at waist height insead of hunching over. :p)