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Removing fairings

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Tyberious Funk, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Is it practical to remove the fairings from a typical 250 street bike?

    As a new rider, I know I'm going to drop my first bike and I know that typical fairings crack and scratch very easily, potentially reducing future re-sell value. Personally, I'd prefer to buy a naked bike to avoid this issue. But 2nd hand naked bikes seem to be more expensive.

    So is it possible to buy a standard street bike, and remove the fairings while I get my riding experience? Or will it look stupid? Or will the handling be shot?
  2. :LOL: No, fairings have nothing to do with handling.
    Some bikes can be ridden without fairings - though they look weird without modification and you may need to waterproof some of the electrical wiring you've exposed to the weather. Other bikes will require modification to be legal (like fitting indicators to replace fairing mounted ones) and may not be easy to convert back.
    If you're really worried about dropping it - fit crash knobs.
  3. The front fairing, screen, headlight and instrument panel are typically integrated. If you want to remove this one you'll need to turn your bike into a street fighter... just go get a naked bike instead.

    You can remove the side fairings and belly pan easily enough which will save of some damaged plastic, however your bike will look like something is missing... perhaps that's neither here nor there for you.

    You can expect a drop in top speed... but that's still well above 100km/h.

  4. Ok... overall, it sounds like an... impractical idea.
  5. It works differently on different bikes - my GSXF 400 had everything separate and it was easy to pull all the fairings off and just ride it. Looked a tiny bit odd because the back of the headlight was 'naked' rather than in a case, and I'm not sure how it would have coped with rain, but it was fine. Blinkers on that were on stalks that stuck through the fairing rather than directly mounted to the fairing.

    Worth having a look at your bike and its setup. Might be worth taking off everything but the front fairing - that would protect everything that'd get hurt in drop, and if you dump it hard enough to damage the front fairing you'll have other problems anyway...

    But if you don't already own a bike you'd be better off just buying a naked.
  6. Yeah pretty much.

    Crash knobs are the way to go. Before you buy a bike, make sure you can fit crash knobs without having to cut the fairings (Google is your friend here) and then just buy a set and screw em in.

    Google 'crash knobs for sale' to see what retailers you can choose from.

    All the best.
  7. I agree to that, get oggy knobs...

    Another thing to think of - taking the fairings off changes the aerodynamics.

    Less air would be directed through the cooling system (radiator), although it wouldn't make much of a difference