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removing fairings

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Lobsta, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. ok, this has probably been asked a LOT, but i did a quick search, and couldnt find anything at a glance.

    is it right/possible/done/acceptable to remove the fairings from a sport bike to make it into a naked bike? why? you may ask... the bike i am looking at is rather scratched, and i dont trust myself to not drop it, plus i might slowly start getting the scratches glassed over.

    the bike im planning on doing it to is a gpx250, so what are people's thoughts. it looks like a simple job for a large screwdriver...


    *EDIT*, waaaaait a minute, is this what is referred to as "streetfighter"?
  2. Essentially yes check out www.streetfighters.com.au for more info., but in your instance i would go for a more cafe racer look due to the smaller capacity it would suit it more.
  3. More of a ratbike than a streetfighter. Streetfighter builders take a lot of pride and spend a shitload of dough.

    It will be ugly as all f*ck - my bike's a good example of that.

    Issues you'll run into:

    - Various important bits and pieces like relays, regulators, horn etc may be mounted in the fairing and will need to be relocated. This may or may not require modification of the wiring harness.

    - The headlight and instruments will probably be left hanging out in mid-air on a shite-looking subframe (see Loz vs. Kawasaki 2007) - buying a replacement dirtbike style headlight and a speedo/tacho/idiot lights unit can cost anywhere from $250 to $1 bajillion, and while some can be easy to fit, others can be a bastard. Also, your stock headlight was probably better for night riding.

    - Wiring will likely be left exposed to the rain, so you may have to tidy some of it up

    - stock radiator bottles that are meant to be left under fairings look shite. Thus you may wish to do something about that.

    - If your bike has any sort of ram air-style airbox intakes, removing them can cause fuelling issues. These are fixable

    Essentially, it's a fair effort to convert a sporty to a nekkid, and while I thoroughly approve of such things (fairings being for pooftas) you'd best know what you're letting yourself in for.

    I'm about to begin the process of ratting a Suzuki Across, but out of necessity after a decent crash.
  4. I know on my old FZR the side fairings accounted for a lot of the support the top-fairing, headlight and screen received.

    With them off, everything wobbled and shook a bit too much while riding :?

    Could be a hassle to properly reinforce everything, etc.
    Dunno how the GPX compares, but I'd bet it's not as simple as just taking the fairings off and that's the end of it.
  5. Loz, im sitting in the "science nerd room" here at uni, getting very funny looks from everybody coz i broke talks of helicase and ribosomal RNA with a loud snort and poorly supressed laughter. at least it wasnt in limerick form. :LOL:

    i didnt think of all the other shit that the fairings hold up... damn.

    oh well, whats the best/easiest way to repair multiple scratches and a small (2 or less cm) crack in a fairing?[/quote]
  6. dude ignore the nannies
    the only problem u will have is mounting the blinkers somewhere

    http://www.ziongardens.com.au/Street Fighters.htm
    u can leave the original cluster mount and use the same mirrors headlight and stuff.

    DW about the wiring it all gets wet anyway.
    I rode one around with no fairing for a while before i replaced the front.
    The fairing on the GPX doesnt hold anything other than blinkers (from memory at least)