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Removing Exhaust Paint question

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by aus_dragon, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Hey guys I did a search for this type of mod but couldn't quite find anything that answered my question.

    I am looking at stripping the can on my 250 Fizzer and applying a clear coat so that it will end up with the heat anodised look.

    When I use to race karts we would soak the cans in petrol overnight and the paint would just pretty much wipe off the next morning. You could then just spray it with a few good coats of hairspray to stop moisture getting to the metal and therefore creating rust.

    The problem I face doing this to the Fizzer is:
    a) can't soak can due to internal baffling materials (don't have this in kart cans), and just wiping a soaked rag won't do the job.
    b) don't think the hairspary would be all that safe on a bike can as it is a lot hotter than the kart (100cc single cylinder vs 250cc 4 cylinder performance engine)

    Can anyone suggest a paint stripper that will be effective on heat proff paint. I thought of using emery paper (sandpaper) but this will result in a lot more work/time to get an acceptible appearance. However if this ends up being the only option than so be it.

    Also can anyone suggest a clear coat high temp paint to use rather than hair spray :grin: . And also where to get it from.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Wrapping the pipe in a petrol-soaked rag?
  3. I used kiwi paint stripper on my exhaust a while back, worked quite well.
    As for clear coat, i remember seeing some at bursons that apparently worked well.
    Ohh yeah, I used wd40 instead of hairspray
  4. Petrol soaked rag would evaporate too quick. Have already thought of that but would mean re-wetting rag every few minutes. But thanks for the suggestion.

    Where did you find the kiwi paint stripper? I am going to bunnings tonight to see what industrial type stuff they got. Would they have the Kiwi there?
  5. not sure if you still need help, but throttle body & carby cleaner works really well... you just spray it into a rag and wipe the paint off in pretty much one wipe... just dont spray it onto the can if its still on the bike, you will get it on other surfaces and it will strip the paint straight off...
  6. Brake fluid might be worth a shot, usually pretty good at softening most paints if you leave it long enough and won't evaporate anywhere near as fast as petrol (don't waste new stuff though, change the fluid in the bike and use what you take out).
  7. Metyle Ethyle Ketone at your local paint strippers is the go

    its kept under a water blanket in the tank cause if you kop a sniff of it good by nose hairs

    Also your local head reconditioner will have a tank of it so wander in on on a friday have a yack bring a beer or two and guess what pick it up when its convienant no rust no carbon no paint or powder coat or even two pack

    Good luck
  8. I have had success before with a petrol soaked rag wrapped around the can and then placed in a couple of garbage bags so it doesnt evaporate. Leave overnight and hey presto!

    And for a house cleaning tip - this works well with oven trays as well, soak them in ammonia (not petrol) for a couple of days in some plastic bags and they wipe clean and look like new!
  9. stuff they use to clean airbrush guns (gun wash) takes paint off pretty quick.