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Removing Decals Safely. #Any tips?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TheBlokeAtNumber27, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. I recently purchased this lovely 1983 Suzuki TS185 which I intend to restore to its former glory.
    In doing so, I need to remove the old decals from the plastic parts and I was wondering if you guys had any tips on how to do it without harming the plastic. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Have you tried WD40? I try it on stuff that nothing else works on.. unless the paints fresh, it shouldn't harm the paintwork or plastic.

    According to their website...

    * Removes adhesive from sunglasses
    * Removes adhesive from bicycle frames
    * Removes adhesive from precious china
    * Removes adhesive price tags from shoe bottoms
    * Removes adhesive tape without damaging factory paint
    * Cleans adhesive tape residue on audio/visual cables
    * Removes adhesive from racquetball racket grips prior to installation
    * Removes tile adhesive from new no-wax floors (be sure to wipe floor clean after using WD-40)
  3. WD40 works great. You just have to use a cleaner to remove the oily film residue afterwards
  4. Hairdryer and some mineral turpentine gets the job done in about five minutes.
  5. Careful with the mineral turps... it'll do a wonderful job removing the stickers but may fade or dull the paint of the surface it was applied to. Tea Tree oil works quite well.
  6. Hair dryer get them warm then peel slowly and it should come off nicely or leave it in the sun.
  7. This has nothing to do with removing decals but I've just bought a similar TS and currently cleaning it up and hoping to get it registered. All the best with yours.
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  8. Thanks. I'm hoping to get club reg very soon. I just need to get the indicators going, the rest is ok apart from tyres. I'm lookin forward to having a cute retro lightweight run around for those quick trips to the shops etc. Good luck with your project also.
  9. Angle grinder or a blow torch will get them pesky stickers off!
  10. Love that pic sd, every time i see it, it reminds me of my secret love of 100mph (speed) tape...
    Ive seen everything from planes to drill rigs held together by it. Strong stuff.
  11. I'm feeling that you don't work in the automotive re-finishing industry :) :)
  12. Actually used to have a panel shop,,,Streetmaster Customs!!!
    Specialising in Rods, Street Machines & Bikes.

    Seriously, a hair dryer is the best way to remove stickers as a hot air gun is way too hot unless you're experienced.
    I've also got a rubber wheel (available at most auto paint supply shops) that attaches to a drill & just rips stickers off without damaging the paint underneath.
  13. I think I am gunna need your (paid) help with a couple of things, one set of decals & heated grips...

    Talk to you about it this weekend :)