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Removing counter balancer from GPX250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by L0Ki, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Hey, Yep you read it right!

    I want to take it out. I've read about and they say if you do take it out to expect alot of vibrations etc and you should balance the crankshaft due to the counter balancer not being there.

    Reason i ask is this bike will be raced/tracked anyway and its bent I'm sure of it which is causing pressure on cycle of engine and god knoes what else.

    Thanks for wisdom that I'm sure will be forthcoming! ;)

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  2. is this to make it spin up quicker ?. yeah it'll shake like sh_t. but hey what the hell.. is the bike, balance or motor bent ?.
  3. you should remove the counter steerer while you're at it, save some weight, get you some better times on the track
  4. its bent. The counter balancer that is. Or atleast i think it is. Hence why i want to remove it.

    I dont really want to spend any more money on it so this is free and adds a bit of performance. Win win!

    I've learnt i'd have to plug the oil gallery hole to so pressure is not lost to the top end. Anyone know what kind of plug it has to be? Bit of liquid metal do the trick??

    Yea i might be stupid.
  5. i have only one other question.. how the f_ck did it get bent..
    just use a butt plug to fill the hole
  6. Engine snapped a rod and put pressure on the sproket on the front of the balancer im guessing. It being the weaker of the two bent at the srocket.

    Thats my theory anyhow.

    Ans i we being serious in our answers. A butt plug. Got a picture? Is it gaurenteed to stay in the crack left by removing the balancer?
  7. LOL @ the butt plug!

    When my engine threw a rod, there was naff all left!!


  8. Aw, c'mon cejay. Bit of liquid metal and some gaffer tape and it'll be good as new :grin: .

    Seriously, to plug an oilway, don't use LM. It'll blow out and you'll stuff the top end before you can shut it down.

    You need to either tap the hole and fit a threaded plug, or (if you're a complete barbarian) find a bit of rod that's a force fit in the hole, force it in and then strake over the edges of the hole to hold it in place.

    I would suggest getting some of your sperm frozen prior to riding the balancerless bike though, because you'll become infertile within seconds from the unbalanced 360 degree twin vibes.
  9. Butt plugs and frozen sperm. All in the same thread. The mind boggles.

  10. Finally an excuse I can use to defend myself if I get caught buying one. Thank you.
  11. should sell em in the NR shop.. although if you get two butt plugs one could go in the engine and the other on the seat and when you go for a ride the vibes from an engine that is a massive vibrator should be fun..
  12. i dont think i would personally class a buttplug coupled with a V-twin with no counter balance, thus creating a massive vibrator, up my clacker, as fun.

    but hey whatever floats your boat :p
  13. fair enough then.. i just want to see a post of the thing idling when done..
  14. I wouldn't waste time and money here, mate. What you are suggesting can lead to a multitude of problems. Spend your hard earned money on a more suitable bike. Way cheaper long term.

    Vibration saps horsepower. That is one of the reasons that the balancer is there. There are a few others.
  15. But think about the butt plug and the frozen sperm.

    On second thoughts, don't.
  16. I wasn't gonna go near that.

    The cejay Suzuki should be sold to the OP here.
  17. I'm storing it for posterity. See, there I go again...posterior and butt plugs. It's a vision I hadn't entertained before this afternoon and now, well....
  18. Are you sure that your impending move, is not to Oxford Street, Paddington?
  19. Is this where im supposed to say: Guys if you dont have serious answer than don't bother ?

    Or should i just say. i look forward to losing my fertility?

    Or only real men ride bikes with the balancers removed?

    I like the barbarian way best :twisted: Stay tuned.
  20. I gave you a serious answer.
    That balancer is in there, because your crankshaft assembly has an imperfect primary balance. If you think that you know so much more about it than I do, then feel free to remove it, plug the hole anyway you want, and live with the results.

    It's your money.