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removing brakes

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by geeth, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    With my cleaning of the bike today, I decided that I would check the brake pads and clean some brake dust off them.
    I was able to get the rear and 1 front brake off, but the other front brake wont budge.

    Well the 2 bolts holding it on wont. I have put as much force as I could into undoing the bolt (yes I was going the right way) I even destroyed a socket attachment trying.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to loosen this bolt - I don't have any power tools. I was thinking wd40 but I don't want that near the brakeing system.
  2. sounds like your breaks are broken!

    If you destroyed a socket trying to remove a bolt it sounds like you only have a cheap socket set? You need to get some quality tools that wont break or get rounded.

    Your best bet is a decent socket with a breaker bar or extension bar which would get the bolts off no problem. A breaker bar slips over the handle of your ratchet, extending the handle and gives you a lot of extra leverage.

    WD40 wont help much unless you can get it right into the threads of the bolt, which you probably can't do on a brake caliper. There is also proper penetrating oil that is designed to un-seize bolts which works better than WD40.

    The other thing that can help is applying heat to the bolt which can help un-stick it, you would need a small propane blowtorch to do this though and you have to be careful not to damage other components, especially the seals in a brake caliper.

    Failing that you could ride the bike to a workshop and ask them to loosen the bolts on the brake caliper for you, would only take a couple of minutes for them to do.

    If you have damaged/rounded the head of the bolt you will have more problems getting it off, if you do a search on this site there have been plenty of threads on how to remove rounded bolts.
  3. Or maybe borrow an impact socket off someone and give that a try as well.

    FYI they are BRAKES as well, not BREAKS.
  4. lol...i thought this thread was about the amputation of a broken limb
  5. Thanks for the replies, the bolt isn't rounded, the top has a slight bit of rounding but bugger all.

    The socket set I have was pretty cheap at the time. Will look into getting a better one and the breaker.

    Drmat - all fixed just for you.