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Removing bar ends

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by samu, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Hi there riders,
    I'm new to this (in fact any) forum, but require advice/ help

    I'm trying to remove the solid, chrome covered bar ends off my Honda VTR 250, to install a new set of bar end mirrors, without much luck.

    The issue i'm having is that they're really attached/ jammed in. There are no screws or any other fixture keeping them in place. They're simply a solid piece of steel, wedged into the end of the bar end.

    What I've currently already tried to remove the left side bar end:

    -I have tried multi grips
    -I have used a strap wrench
    -I have tried using a chisel in the tiny gap between the bar end and the bar.
    -I have tried using a screw driver and a hammer to gently tap it off the end of the bar
    -I have placed tape over the bar end (to stop the drill sliding off) and drilled into it, screwed a screw into the hole, and tried to tap it off. I had to continue resting, as it would overheat, and I'd have to apply water to cool the bar end
    -Hack sawed MOST of the bar end away.

    Short of chewing the rest of the bar end off.... I'm out of ideas

    ...and this is only the first one!

  2. unscrew anti-clockwise
  3. You sure of that?
    You might find they're actually the end of the bar itself.
    Edit: (although I wouldn't put it past Honda to do something as stupid as fit something which is virtually impossible for the owner to remove/replace).
  4. they're not shoved in, they screw in to a grommet that expands.
    the hole you've drilled, shove something strong, high tensile in that and use it as a lever to turn anti-clockwise, or tac weld a lever onto it.
    maybe spray some yield or similar product on it and leave for a while, then try again.

    (i think this drongo has allready figured out he was turning it the wrong way)
  5. Lefty loosey, righty tighty ha ha ha
    They can oxidize and get pretty stuck in there. Heat, bang bang with a mallet and pull. All else fails new bars.
  6. Hey guys,
    Thanks for the advice! On the lefty loosey thang - nope - no fixture. No screws to undo counter or clockwise, or otherwise. No phillips head, allen key head, flat head ended screw or otherwise type fixture.
    What I am dealing with, is a solid piece of steel, inside the bar itself. I'm pretty sure it's very very dense steel inside the steel bars. 2 separate bits of steel
    I have been drilling, letting it cool, drilling, letting it cool.
    Monkeyman, i think you're right, (hopefully not about the drongo part), but I'm down to Tac welding another piece of tensile steel on, and using it as a lever.
    Welder is elsewhere...this is getting difficult!
  7. You have to rememeber, that these bikes are made for learners. Learners who drop bikes - on the bar ends.
    It's the hardest damn material I've come across. In fact, instead of buying your girl a diamond - get her a damn set of Honda VTR bar ends as earrings. they're harder!

    I'm considering giving NASA a call to use this stuff in high orbit - it's tough
  8. The bar ends on the vtr250 are welded on. If you remove the grips you should see a spot of silver touch-up paint that's covering a spot you have to drill out.
  9. OMG I think you might save me yet!

    I've just got the grip off on the left side. I can only see a rough patch - slightly discoloured under the grip - which makes sense that they would hide it out of view, under the grip.

    Am I in the right neck of the woods or is your weld somewhere else?

    Strife - you're a champion!!
  10. That's right, it's not far from the end of the handle bar, probably about 3-4 cms when I had a look at mine. You may also note a small hole or outline where the paint is also.
  11. It's really hard to see, but i think mine has a massive weld - like a 2 cm long oval on the underside of the left hand bar.
    Hey strife did you see the same thing on your throttle side?
    Does this mean that you've successfully completed this operation and have new bar ends / mirrors?
  12. I haven't done it to my vtr yet but I was looking into it yesterday, I pulled apart the left hand grip only not the right side to see what it looked.

    Here's a pic of someone who has done it, after taking a hacksaw to it. :LOL:
  13. Thanks again Strife,
    It looks like this guy's got the bars themselves off - which means removing the pin that keeps the throttle housing from moving around the bar (Also apparently quite a difficult process).
    I think if I had the bars off, then I'd completely replace them with drag bars or something, seeing that you'd have them off anyways.
    Then once removed, they'd no longer pose a problem with the bar ends.

    This guy in the pic seems to have a very nice neatly drilled hole through that weld. If I had of known that it would be this tricky, I don't think I'd have bothered, but live and learn eh?
    Thanks again, and let me know how you go!
  14. samu went thru the same thing recently on my Honda and one of the sides there was no alternative but to cut the barend in half off and render it useless if you want to take it off to replace the grip/bar ends etc. Don't ask me why it's like that but I learnt it the same way too :)
    If you want to achieve a sporty more leaning forward riding position and don't want to sacrifice the stock handlebar ends then maybe look at clipons...check out this thread
    Clipons or lower handlebars on a CB400
  15. waaaaaaay too much effort involved! I would reccommend changing to some Renthal bars!
  16. Cheers ResmeN,
    Clip ons do look very nice indeed. Believe me, I thought about it!

    Bottom line is that ALL of this is kind of fluffing pillows - it is a VTR250 after all. But it's my VTR 250!

    I have now successfully got the left hand bar end off by drilling it out... both my messy way from the end of the bar, and Strife's way from underneath the bar - removing the weld.
    After the weld was gone, it came out no worries. If only I had know what I was fighting against from the start - would have been so much cleaner.
    I now have the right grip off - easier than i had thought, and will attempt the right side this week.
    Will attempt to post some photos of the operation when done.
  17. You can find clipons or lower handlebars for $50. Check out the last few pages of the CB400 thread as I posted a bunch of seller links in there of both clipons and drag bars etc.

    It's your VTR250 and I say pimp it like it's hot.
  18. Thanks ResmeN,
    I did check out your post the other day. It was great.

    I bookmarked a heap of your links - I didn't even know you could buy bars and stuff like that on Ebay motors. I only looked at motorbike jackets before.

    I have just successfully put my new bar end mirrors on, as they arrived last night. Easy once you know what to look for. Hell if you don't. I'm very happy with them!
  19. /Volumes/CANON_DC/DCIM/111___04/IMG_4019.JPG



    Here are the new mirrors - Before with the solid bar end - removing the weld from underneath the bar... and after with the new one on - hope the pics get it properly