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removing baked on brake dust off wheels.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by thecptn, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. My 250 virago has a lot of caked on brake dust on its front chrome wheel, I am finding it impossible to remove! is there any thing that can safely remove it, also the paint is a little faded too, any thing that can bring out its shine again?

  2. Kerosene or degreaser should deal with the brake dust. Kitten Cut n Poilish (red bottle) will bring the paint back to shiney, then go over it again with the Auto Polish (green bottle) to shine and maintain the finish. :D
  3. Thanks for that matey! :D :D
  4. This might sound a bit fussy, but a good way to avoid the problem happening again after you have got it all off is to wipe your wheels down regularly. I do mine and the rest of my bike after every ride.
  5. Works well if you don't ride everyday! ;) For that reason my bike is pretty dirty at the moment... too much riding leaves no time for cleaning. :LOL:
  6. Well it did work alright, the wd40, sadly it seems that the wheels chrome has been pitted prior :( I used the wax, and it didnt seem to shine up the dull areas very much at all, how strange.
  7. Now I'm confused. Are the wheels painted or chrome? :?

    If they're chrome, use Autosol first to shine the wheels. If they're really dull then this might require time and elbow greese. Then lightly over with the Cut N Polish to get rid of the Autosol residue the next day and immediately follow with the wax. 8).

    If they're paint as I initially thought, then It sounds like the paint may be stuffed.
  8. The wheels are chrome, and a little pitted, I have autosol, its not that they cant be shiny, but the pittednes has stuffed the front wheel in terms of looks.
  9. Yeah well that can be a pain. I dont ride every day so im lucky with bike. But i do do the same with my cars as well, freak hey?? Now that can be everyday depending on what time i do get home i guess.
  10. Selleys Sugar Soap.
    For all those times when you just can't be assed getting it shiny, but want it clean - this stuff did wonders for my rear wheel. Tar, brake dust, crud... all baked on; and it got everything off.
  11. Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner :D

    Works grouse for brake dust on the car wheels.

    Spray it on, 10 minutes later hit it with the pressure washer and it's all clean.
  12. Nice tip Vic, I'll have to give that a go. If anything can get off *baked on* grime, it's oven cleaner ;)

  13. There is a product out there that is a stainless steel polish. It's basically a light mineral oil that if sprayed on and wiped, would leave a film behind that would be easy to wash off as in theory, brake dust wouldnt stick to the rim.

    Maybe worth a shot.

    I can courier a bottle out to you if you like, you pay $7 for the courier bag ;) and you can have it tomorrow to try out.
  14. The other product out there that I swear by is or was called Teepol Gold. Glitch should know its new name.

    That stuff is magic for cleaning anything off ya bike.

    spray on, 10 mins, hose off, amazing results.