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Removing a stripped locator pin.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by jimmyjames182, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Front brakes were noisy on my cb250 so I thought I'd take the pads out and give the caliper a clean to see if that helped.

    The locator pin holding the pads in requires a hex key to remove it. The hex head on the pin seems stripped. Suspect the pin was lock tighted in and the head rounded off when it was last moved.

    The pin is recessed about 5mm in the caliper and I'm guessing is about 6mm diameter.

    Will ezy outs work in this situation? Would it be more cost effective to get it to a workshop? Any other ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. is there still just enough meat to squeeze a slightly larger say 6.5 hex into it.. you may have to break the locktight with a good old bath in tea tree or similar and then use super human strength with a flathead that will fit.. maybe on the end of a T wrench or similar
  3. those old honda bolts are famous for rounding ....some people leave off the flat blade screw in plug that keeps the weather off and that doesnt help much at all.....try using covering it in wd40 and use a larger torx bit and hammering it in...the hammering will aid in breaking the seal
  4. Yeah that damn weather cover was stripped as well, had to use a hole punch to get it moving.

    Am wondering if an ezy out might be the way - the hex head already gives it a natural starting hole. Might run it down to a workshop and ask an opinion.

    Thanks for the replies. If anyone else has ideas please keep em coming.
  5. Can you get a vise-grip onto it?
  6. I had a similar problem over the weekend removing some Philips head screws from my carbs which were badly stripped. I used a hacksaw to cut across the head and then used a flat head screwdriver to easily undo. You might be able to do a similar thing.
  7. is the locator not sunk in this instance ?. was my thought also...
  8. Are you sure it is a hex head, rather than a torx head?

    Just an idiot check. as using a an allan key in there won't work.
  9. It was definately a hex head - the key fit ok, but the pin felt like it was made out of cheese! You could feel the metal giving way as I turned the key.

    The pin is recessed about 5mm so no hacksaw.

    There is a section of the pin where the thread is open between both sides of the caliper but I'm afraid vice grips will ruin the thread. Maybe I could 'protect' the thread somehow.

    I think the main problem is the thread lock. I'd say there's too much in there and the pin has seized. I think the best chance I've got is to hammer an old flat head into the top of the pin using it as a chisel to give me something to turn the pin with then use a torch to get the thread lock moving.

    I guess I could just sell the bike! Nah, bad karma :)[/i]
  10. Do the calipers split?

    If so, pull them off and split it. Then heat the caliper and work at the pin from the back.

    Get a kit for the caliper whilst you are at it.