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Removed screen

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by never, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. I had a full size screen on my vt750 and decided to remove it because it looks better without it (vain i know). To my surprise the bike now handles much better. The front end feels so much more responsive... My dad confirmed all this as well. You do get a bit more buffetting at speed but it seems less harsh as it isn't all directed at your head. So my conclusion is no screen = looks better and rides better

    Anyone else find the same?
  2. Totally agree yep.
  3. Just did 8500k'son my Shadow and had a neck from hell at about half way. Advice was to get a screen but I like you thought it would look uncool! My neck muscles make 'Arnie' look like a kitten but at least I am over it. I can ride all day now without a problem.
  4. Every time I've put a screen on a bike (cruisers or naked sportsbikes) it has given me nothing but grief. Yank 'em I say!
  5. after a 850k/m ride over the great alpine road, all i can say is thank-god for my screen
    sure it makes my fatboy look a little "tame" but was protected from hundreds of bugs & kept me dry when it started raining over hotham

    i never experienced loss of stability due to my screen...then again the fatty & me weigh over 450kg combined
  6. Handle bar mounted screens/fairings can on certain bikes cause alterations to handling and in some cases lead to unwanted weaving or other handling problems.

    Frame mounted fairings don't create the steering input that handlebar mounted fairings do.

    So yes... either naked bike or frame mounted fairings, but not half way between :)
  7. +1

    Have never had any issues with my screen.

    As for those who have said that they direct a blast of air at your head, well, you've got it adjusted incorrectly. The ideal position for a screen on a cruiser is when the top of the screen is about the same height as your eyes. When my screen was fitted it was at the default position (as close to the headlight as possible). This did cause some airflow to be directed towards my helmet. I moved it up one position and the problem was solved.

    With all the long rides I do, I wouldn't be without it. And I actually like the way they look :? but that's just me. If you're tooling about town for most of your riding then sure, you can do without one, but if you spend a lot of time riding highway speeds and touring then they are invaluable - not to mention the protection they offer from bugs, rain and all the rest of it! :LOL:

    That being said, I have no doubt that in some situations a handlebar mounted screen can cause handling issues and would suspect that a number of generic aftermarket jobs would not work well on certain bikes, not having been specifically designed and tested for the model in question.
  8. I should have clarified what I meant Bluesuede, I was talking mainly about aftermarket handlebars screens and fairings.

    A screen offered as an option by a manufacturer I'd expect to be fine :)