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Removed Decals - Scratched

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by oohsam, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys.
    took the stickers off my Hyosung GT250R yesterday, Got a blade and removed them The stickers are really bad quality they kept snapping and were very brittle. managd to get them off but put 3 or 4 small scratches in the paint. The paint ont he tank on the hyosung is very thin, I have never seen factory paint so thin before. Anyway, damage control now..

    1. You can still see the outline of where the sticker was. Will a propper cut and polish remove that.
    2. With the small scratches..wahts teh best way to conceal them (dont want to cover them with more stickers) and dont want dodgy touch up paint. Would an airbrusher dude be able to conceal them?

    I dont really wanna get the whole tank rubbed back and resprayed.
    Your advice would be great.
  2. bit of wax and greas remover (or any thinner) and then somerubbing compound (the cut and polish shit from repco ect is too rought) for the sticker

    the scratches u may want to rub aaa bit with 2000 grit wet and dry but if the paint is really thin u might rub through it easily so be carefull.
  3. Mate try wetting the scratches if they go away or dont look white then i would try a light slice with 2000 (this means the paint is C.O.8) clear over base . if they dont then dont bother rubbing them you will only make it worse.
  4. you don't get stickers off with a razor blade anyway

    a heat gun or hairdryer with a decent fingernail and shape bladed plastic or wooden tool is the way to go, the glue they use on the stickers is meant to stay on there for a LONG time so its no surprise they are hard to get off... putting some heat into it will melt the glue a little and make it a stack easier to get off

    its almost impossible with a razor
  5. The stickers on the GT250R 07 tank are covered by a clear coat paint which is why you would have scratched it. You'll probably need to respray, others have made the same mistake and had to do this.
  6. BS. The stickers are adhesive only. You get them off with a hairdryer!!!!!
    Heat them up and the peel off like busa on steriods.

    Tank pads and film protectent is the same.
  7. :shock: :shock: You used a BLADE???
    A hot-air gun , or hairdryer works best .. then then just peel off.
    Unless someone has clear coated the tank with stickers attached :roll:
  8. Why take the stickers off???

  9. Yeah I tried the hairdryer/heat gun tactic. It worked a little but same problem with the brittlness...The razor worked wonders apart from 3 tiny scratches. I have the steadyness of a hawk....if hawks are steady!

    I dont like the look of stickes on bikes. personal thing.I like a nice clean bike.

    I'll get the tank fixed up. It shouldnt be a problem.
  10. I don't like decals on my bike, I removed 'flames' the previous owner had on the tank and tail. I left the original 'hornet' stickers on however
  11. Yeah. I dunno what it is. I think i have a slight case of OCD. I remove badges and stickers of my cars too. Its just nice to see the lines of body that a designer spent so much time on. To cover it up with stickers is a waste.
  12. Right :roll:

    They are covered with clear coat paint on the TANK ONLY on the '07 GT250R. I've owned one and I know this for certain as it was the case on mine.
  13. yeah im lucky my bike dont have that many stickers n such on. from previous owner he jus had a tank protector thats about it.

    a nice bright bike is more appealing then covered up with stickers hiding all the details and the abs of the bike =P hehe abs ..
  14. I'm dougz you'll have to get some work done on the tank for some reason the tank decals are clear coated over...
  15. Yeah I think i'll take it down to the shop to get fixed up properly. I got some 2000 grit today wet n dry. Rubbed it back. Got it nice and even...Obviously took some clear off and it went dull, Hit it with some of my magic products in my garage that I have accumuluated over the years. Looks much better but I can notice where it goes a little dull.

    I'll get the tank fixed up by an airbrusher. Thanks for the help guys.
  16. I've been wondering about that for some time now. Thnx 4 da heads up ;-)

    Trevor G
  17. post pics when its finish =]
  18. opps I'm missing entire words now. :shock:
  19. Yeah I was wondering if anyone would comment on that ommission Stig :LOL: Sorry to threadjack, but Incidentally mate, my bike was finally fixed last week! I then promptly took it to Redwing Honda (next door) and traded it for my new 600RR :grin: