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Remove oil on tyres?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by jimmyjames182, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Come in quick to catch some lights at a left turn yesterday, notice a line of water on the road so back off a little and avoid that. Lean into the turn and the front wheel starts to slide to my right. I'd left myself enough room to straighten up and recover so all was well.

    Was very disapointed as I'd just spent an hour working on my corners and had felt really good about my riding. Took the wind out of my sails a bit.

    Went past the same corner in my car this morning and worked out the line of water i'd 'avoided' was oil of some sort. I must have picked some up on the front tyre. Do I have to clean the tyre after contact with oil? If so what with? Silly question?

  2. well, im not to sure, as im still rather new but i had something similar

    roadworks happened just up the road the other day, now theres oil n shiny shit all over the road. a few corners later, i hit a bump in the corner n almost lost the bike. but other than that, it seems to have been fine.

    not the most helpful but i hope it does something... you ride over oil all the time at lights n roads.
  3. no you don't really need to, unless it is ALOT of oil, in which case just spray some engine degreaser on there and wait 10 mins and wash it off. otherwise nothing much really to worry about as (depending on how much riding you had to do to get home from that point) it would have come off on the road on your way home