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Removalists Broke my Bike

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by edwardTheGreat, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Okay this is what happened.
    Before christmas I was offered a job as a computer nerd up here in Brisbane, good money, but had to start almost straight away. I resigned from my current nerd job and off I go to brisbane in December and work for a month until christmas where I was given enough time for me to go home (Wagga Wagga), organise a removalist and get my missus, find a house and relocate to Brisbane.

    I had a week. :shock:

    I took the cheapest and fastest option (silly in hindsight) and organised them to relocate all our stuff, including my beloved motorcycle, over the phone. They promised that they would have it all covered (insurance) etc... and would be able to deliver my bike safely, wasn't to worried about everything else...

    Now they bent my handlebars, and snapped an indicator off. And refused to pay for it. :evil: :evil: :evil:

    But this is after they arrived 2 days late to pick up the stuff with no call at 11.20pm on a sunday night, and dropped it off to my house in Brisbane a day late again with no call, charged me $200 more than they quoted me, required me to pay cash before they opened the truck and where unable to provide me with a reciept or copy of the contract as they didn't have a reciept book. Dodgy or what? And when I saw the bike they had the audacity to tell me that it wasn't them. When I found out later that it was moved on the truck by the particular person who told me it wasn't him, and that it was actually done by him. (GRRRR)

    I could go on but I won't :!:

    I took them to fair trading and basically was told it was my word against theirs as there was no written contract, so put up and shut up.

    This is the company http://www.rainbow-enterprises.com.au/. Never deal with them, they are extremely unreasonable from my experience.

    Now I know I was stupid to agree to it over the phone but I was pressed for time. I have finally got it fixed, fixed at home over a couple of weekends (after three months in the garage :( ), replaced the handlebars, new chrome bar ends and four new indicators, looks pretty sexy now actually :cool:. so I'm gonna go for a blat on it this weekend. :grin: :grin: :grin:

    I just thought that I would share my grief and ask if anyone else has had any bad experience's whilst having their bike in the care of someone else...

  2. what a royal pain in the backside.

    certainly a bloody dodgy company there, one to steer clear of thats for sure.

    at least your back on teh road now buddy.

    unfortunately looks like its one of those things where its not worth the effort to take it further and all you can do is warn other people about them.
  3. But there website has 100% customer satisfaction guranteed.

    Are you lying about their service, as obviously they have no un happy customers. :roll:
  4. Thanks for the heads up edwardTheGreat. I've been slowly looking at ways of moving my bike down to Melb and considered it going with my other stuff but my main concern was it getting damaged in the truck. I'll know to stay the hell away from that company now!!
  5. Royal Pain in the Backside - Yeah! :mad:

    Dodgy - Yeah! :mad:

    Back on the Road - Hell Yeah :grin:

    And it was too much time and effort to pursue it any further. I just wanted it sorted and that wasn't in the forseeable future :evil:
    It wasn't expensive to repair, it wan't hard to repair, but it was the principle!!

    So I let it go... :cool:
  6. Don't start me on the website!!! :LOL:
    It used to say
    but they changed it to (which is apparently legislation, but they could have told me first):

    After I had a go at them about their website..
  7. Yep know the feeling. I had my little ZZR250 moved from Bris to Perth back in 1997. It was all organised through the Dept of Def. Bike turned up and they had tied it down by a ratchet strap over the seat! Seat was ripped to shit and the duck tail was marked. Fairing was also cracked where they had put straps on the bars. Mud all flicked up underneath it and nearly 60km put on the odo! The back tyre looked worn (center strip) and I was not happy. But I was 19 and a bit silly. After weeks and weeks of phone calls etc they gave me $250 to shut me up. It covered getting the seat fixed so I took it. If it had happened now I would be out for blood. Live and learn :oops:
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  9. jeez, that's a moving story :cry: !!
  10. The real pain in the ass is that it probably wasnt a moving truck from Riinbow Enterprises, because when i've dealth with moving companies, they end up hiring contrators to do the work. You should be able to contact Rainbow Enterprises and get details of the contractor they got and you should be able to do something about it. Possibly even inform Rainbow they they've stuffed up badly and may have been cheated out of their share of the cash.

    Also how did they get away with charging you an extra $200? If they give you a quote they shouldn't be able to change it unless you've agreed to a new contract or something, it should all be on paper.
  11. Shame on you Hornet :p

    Bummer on the bike though
  12. i just tried to contact them via email to tell them how their stupidity has damaged the reputation of their company, and guess what?

    their email address enquiry@rainbow-enterprise.com.au doesn't exist! :LOL: DODGY.
  13. As bogus suggested, go the NOTGOODENOUNG option.

    Companies tend to get nevious about the the bad publicity. they can get some pretty big companies to come around.

    Even if it doesn't work it helps to vent.