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Removal Of Rear Mud Guard

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Ninja03, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. Noticed alot of people completly ripping the rear mud guards off their bikes! I love the look of this and want to do the same also because the rear mud guard keeps hitting my licence plate on my fender eliminator when i go over bumps. This could be a really stupid question but doesnt this cause heaps of crap to build up under the bike? I dont ride in the rain so its probably not as much of an issue but i can still imagine heaps of dust and dirt building up under the bike. Does this happen and is there any way to avoid it if it does?

  2. it's is a ADR requirement to have some sort of mudflap to atleast 45 degrees from the centre of the rear axle at the back of the bike....though i agree it's looks much better without, some of my bikes have it removed 8-[ others don't, but you can be booked if you mod it, just so you are aware
  3. yeh im aware of the law and having at least a mud guard at 45 degrees from the centre of the rear axel. Lets just say hypathetically the rear mud guard happened to get unscrewwed at removed will it cause much crap to build up under my bike if i dont ride it in the wet?:p

    Out of interest on the bikes you took it off, did the cops pull u over for it much?
  4. nah i reckon about the same, though it's easier to clear without the mudflap....i haven't been fined for it, on the couple of times i have had license checks done, but others have, all depends on the mood of cop
  5. ahh k sweet man thanks! In that case definately rippin it off as soon as i get home from work lol