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Removable Helmet Covers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Caz V1, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Are they Australian Standards or SNELL approved? :LOL:
  2. Thats absilutely brilliant! Can you imagine heading to work wearing that. You'd look like such a muppet. :p
  3. I can't see why not, afterall, it is only a cover that slips over your helmet.
    But, who knows in this day and age of over regulation.
    I might get a few, one to suit each mood I'm in...lol, talk about a bad hair day :LOL:
  4. That's the helmetheadz crew. They were around a couple of years ago at one of the bike expos but dropped out of sight. Looks like they are back on the market now.

    I was wishing I'd bought one at the time. The Shaggy one is good.
  5. It's so cute and fuzzy! Hmm..wonder what would happen to it at 100km/hr? Hehe :grin:
  6. would be an absolute crack up on the toy run :LOL:
    especially if you were in all green leathers on a green bike

    News flash!

    "green frog on a green motor cycle seen cruzing on the streets of melboune at christmas" :shock:

    ps how do u change gears if you have webbed feet ?
  7. You could be a real Ducati Monster with one of those.
  8. :LOL: I want one :grin:
    Not sure if it'd be any good for anything other than lowish speed riding though - hate to have it shift whilst riding and cover the visor.

  9. hell yeah... if brisbane has a toy runn i'll be flying union jack with a "elmo" helmet cover...
  10. I think I might buy the yellow Bee cover for Woodsy,
    It will match his yellow bike perfectly :p