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Remote Pre-Load Do I really need it

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by The Toad, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Remote Pre-Load Do I really need it

    Hello all,

    Looking for some advice on weather a remote pre load is really needed and or worth the extra cost

    I am in the process of replacing / rebuilding the suspension on the VFR and looking at the options I have for my rear shock I can add a remote preload for around $200 extra.

    Now +$200 don’t sound like a lot but it does start stretching my budget.

    Based on the following, I don’t think I really need it and can save the coin at the same time. However I simply don't know if I do or not

    1. Didn’t come with one from factory, So never having it before would I ever use it.
    2. I don’t two up
    3. I don’t plan of doing big trips where I will need a lot of luggage (i.e. lots of extra weight)
    4. If I do add some extra weight or the odd trip (i.e overnighter or topbox etc) I’m not likely to ride it as hard hence thinking I would just deal with the difference in the suspension feel
    5. I do ride a little on the spirited side :D

    So for those that fall in a similar category to the above and have a remote pre load do you use it?
    Do you need it?
    Is it really worth the extra cost?
    Is having a remote pre-load really that important

    Thanks in advance

    Cheers Daniel

  2. I think you've answered your own question. If you don't adjust your preload, dont get it...
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  3. Mike thanks for the reply,

    your right My gut feeling is don't bother with it.

    However is saying that I simply don't know enough to determine if I should have it and should be adjusting / using it etc.

    Cheers Daniel
  4. Preload adjustment is handy and I doubt if you'll find a suspension unit on the market today which doesn't have it in some form.

    Remote preload adjustment and whether you need it, OTOH, depends on how often you find yourself needing to adjust your preload and how accessible the shock unit is on your particular bike. Some are easy and so the extra cost is harder to justify. Some are complete bastards that can't be reached without significant dismantling and so a remote facility would be very useful.

    But if you never adjust it, why bother?
  5. Hi, Toad.

    This is a question that has been asked numerous times on the VFR forums and the general consensus is that unless you are regularly carrying a pillion passenger, you don't need a remote adjuster.

    Honestly, you would be better off putting that $200 toward getting some better springs in those front forks.
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  6. One day you will find an empty park in the city next to the same model bike. You will pull in and see it is the same year. The rider will be arriving just as you pull off your helmet.
    You will exchange greetings and complement each others bikes.
    They will ask you about the remote preload.
    You will look them dead in the eye and mutter something about being late for something.

    Is that what you want?
  7. Dan wtf
    I mean well i mean WTF )
  8. He who dies with the most toys wins.
  9. Put half your savings on top of what you were going to pay for the shock.
    The std shock is a useless piece of junk.
    A lot of people go to big trouble and $$$ putting usd's on the front. When it's the rear shock all the time.
    I rode right way up forks for most of my life...Use to think they were pretty good.
    Still don't think they're that bad for road use. Stand up to the elements better.
    So yeah $200 for a remote preload?? Even if I had to do it once a day I woudln't pay that much. Fark it takes a second with the spanner.... And then you should adjust your damper setting too. So you have to get off the bike anyway pffght
  10. And don't dump their oil straight onto your brakes when (not if) the seals go.
  11. Thanks Pat, pretty much what I was thinking

    Cheers Rainbow7 Fronts are being done aswell

    Sure why not, I'm a fairly antisocial prick at the best of times

    Half savings on top?

    Do you mean take what I was going to pay for the rear shock and spend half again to upgrade?

    Just to add, I am going to get the front re-sprung, valve kit seals (Full rebuild and upgrade) at the same time.

    I'm not skimping on the rear either, at this stage I'm favoring an Elka 3-way adjustable built to suit me.

    Hence already pushing budgets to the limit.

    Again thanks for the reply guys, I guess I knew the answer just wanted to hear someone else say it.

    Cheers Daniel
  12. Sounds like your doing a proper job.
    One Honda should have done with the 07 upgrade. They have made buckets out of the VFR, bout time they started giving some back to the Faithful!
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  13. Thanks Bretto,

    Yes I'm hoping it will make a massive improvement.

    I also have a number of other improvements / modifications in the pipe works, under tail exhaust, custom duck tail, paint, PC etc

    Cheers Daniel
  14. As far as engine mods go, the Viffer is not the best. $$$ per pony made.
    Get a set of decent pipes and try it. If it needs a PC then yeah. I took my PC5 off and sold it lol. I think with a heap of work, Filter, pipes and a PC5 we gained four HP on mine....
    Not far off 2 grand retail price...who pays retail ??? But yeah it still cost me a grand for the bits and dyno time...not worth it far as I am concerned
  15. Valid point....but dying with a honda at your side....there's no points in that
  16. I just plonked down around $700 for a Wilbers shock. The guy asked me what sort of riding I did, and recommended the basic model, instead of the remotely adjustable job. He said he didn't think I needed it before we discussed the price of both models....