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Remote ignition....

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by AcrossUrbanSports, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. hi all! just curious has anyone had a go at this/or ur thoughts on it?


    I KNOW u can NEVER deter the persistant/professional theives, but ive had my ignitioned screwed with in an attempted theft and so hav many others.....

    Costs bout 90-100 all up. My ignition barrel is screwed so the price is definately comparable!
    ive got no probs with wiring it up myself so......

    ur thoughts?
  2. Not a bad idea really. BUT make sure your remote battery never dies on you while your "in the middle of nowhere" or it could be along push home.
  3. I thought you meant like my boss has rigged upto his car where it actually starts the engine. I was considering put that style on my bike but it wouldn't work too well with a carby bike plus it is kinda useless bar the wank factor :p

    I guess if your ignition barrel is stuffed it may be something cool to do but appart from that it seems even more useless than a remote starter. Why do you need to turn it on from afar ? just another thing to go wrong.....
  4. Sometimes I think how much I'd like my bike to be on.. Like right now. Maybe get a built in sim card so you can turn it on from miles a different city. Convenient :D

    But seriously though, I do wonder how the remote starters work, I guess it reroutes the need to have the key turned to on, that could be annoying. So You'd be using the kill switch I guess.
  5. Im wondering does the remote also engage my choke when it starts cold?? Key for me.
  6. it doesnt actually start the bike, just puts it into the on position (as if by a key) you still have to press the starter button to get the engine going