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remote engine start

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by MrWasabi, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. I have yet to purchase a bike. If all goes to plan i should have one by next week, but i am already thinking of mods (yes i know i should concentrate on learning to ride first)
    But really i just want to know the legality of this...

    Parked next to a really nice bike, dont ask me what it was because i am just getting into the scene and i wouldnt know a moped from an R1.... but it was nice.

    Up comes this guy from a distance, and with the press of a button, alarm turns off and the engine starts. By the time he suited up and put his helmet on, the engine was warm and off he went.

    I thought that was kind of neat, but in the world of vehicles with 4 wheels, it is a no no in NSW. also if it is a manual you have to make sure it is in neutural so that it doesnt take off...

    anyway, is a remote engine start system legal for bikes in NSW?

    i did a search of this forum and couldnt find any previous conversation of this, which troubles me because i think my search skills have failed me

    quick search on google, got me across some ebay sites, saw them going really cheap, like under $30...if some of you have these things installed could you please stear me in the right path as to what models i should stay away from?
  2. I dunno if it's legal or not, but if you've got a bike that can be started by a radio frequency, you're asking for it to be jacked if you ask me. Some electronics geek will start her up and ride into the sunset......... :(
  3. I'm pretty sure the cheapo alarms from Jaycar have remote start button. They retail for about $70 or so I think. But if a radio frequency is used, it's only a matter of time before interference starts the engine when you're not around or some electronic geek hijacks your bike
  4. I'm sure it can be done. But I would be very cautious in doing so. Side stand + 1st gear + starter = disaster.
  5. A little off topic, but I thought warming the bike up in idle was actually bad for the engine (for bikes and cages).

    What I do to warm up the engine is ride her gently at the start (smooth on the throttle, keep it under 6k rpm) until the temp displays that the engine is warm.

    Am I right or wrong?

    Back on topic: I wouldn't bother with remote start. In my opinion, it is one more thing that could break and leave you stranded (or clutch starting). Besides, sounds like you are a learner i.e. learner legal bike = smaller battery = don't want things draining the battery.
  6. I dont see the problem in interference. Its much like the alarm system to a car, or the remote control to your garage... same band, different frequency, a lot higher actually...

    Stealing wouldnt be a problem, the bike is going to be bolted to a concrete slab when at home.

    Also these things are wired to the sidestand sensor, so no chance of it starting while in gear...

    surely if they are selling in Jaycar, or a retail store they must be legal to install...
  7. lol am i that obvious? im not even a learner yet, still reading the books, going for the tests soon and getting my bike hopefully on Sunday...
    Kawasaki ZZR250 :D
  8. Well you practically spelled it out that you are a newbie in your first post. Nothing wrong with that.

    Have you considered the Kawasaki GPX250 over the ZZR250? I ride a GPX and I think it is better. Less fairings, weighs less and looks better. Besides that, they are the same bike (same engine). The ZZR is more of a "Sports-Tourer" i.e. has 17" wheels vs 16" wheels and a more upright seating position which is more suited for highway use.

    This is the worst time of year to be buying since it is getting warmer and a lot more people are in the market for bikes which jacks a price up a little. If you can wait, Kawasaki have updated the 19 y.o. design of the Ninja 250 (known to us as GPX250) which you might want to consider. http://www.kawasaki.com/Products/Detail.aspx?id=263

    My advice would be to save your money on the remote bike alarm etc and spend it on safety gear. $70 could buy some pretty decent gloves. And like I said in my post above, such a thing will drain the battery of a 250cc bike which was not designed to have such a thing installed.

    Also, welcome to riding...
  9. Mongoose do bike alarms @$450-500 installed, but Husband didn't get the remote start option connected - I'll find out why and get back to you.

    He works at a Uni where bikes have been pushed over, mirrors and indicators ripped off, so he uses a bike cover and the alarm to protect his Blackbird, well worth the money!! Even had one on his GPX
  10. How friggin hard is it to start your bike the old fashioned way??

    You gotta put the key in the ignition at some stage even with a remote start alarm. I used to fit these stupid things for customers and theyre the wankiest invention!!!

    Dunno about you guys but I always leave my bike in gear when parked making a remote starter useless. Force of habit. Think about it next time you park your bike on an incline or decline. Bike in gear = park brake.
  11. Strangest "Politics, Laws, and Government" topic I've ever read... :wink:
  12. Which uni was this?
  13. oi, cookeetree....
    i made the question a little clearer for you ;)

  14. They are not illegal.
    Some cars have them standard like the Prius and most of the Lexus models.

    I guess when they are installed is has to be made sure they have a fail-safe system where it does not start if in gear.

    Some new Scooters have the remote start fitted as standard also.
  15. +1 seen scooters with this
    +1 to putting bike in gear when parked.

    I would get it to scare the shit out of all the dickheads dat think my bike is a public armchair.
  16. What you're thinking of isn't remote start. The key fob is picked up by the car as you approach and unlocks the door. Kawasaki has a similar system on the new GTR1400.