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Remote desktop connection

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by coda, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. If you own a Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yammy this site is a must
    Click on your start button/accessories/communications and select Remote Desktop connection. Type in and click connect, this will take you to another computer (server) which you can use to find information about your pride and joy

  2. That's pretty damn cool VFR800!!

    Shame the CBR250 isnt on there :(
  3. Yeah I thought so too but I don't think people here realise what a RDC is
  4. I have the strangest of feelings we're not supposed to know about this :LOL:.

    A lot of people here are well aware about what an RDC is, but a lot of us are amazed that this particular one is unsecured :roll:.
  5. Great link.

    but mine's not on there.... :(
  6. I keep on getting timeout errors. Perhaps they've cottoned on to everyone finding out about it?
  7. Still works for me.
  8. Connection works fine for me too.

    Oh and those not running Windows XP will need to download and install the RDC software first ;).
  9. nah, looks to me like its a marketing tool for a bike shop is the US.
  10. Hey, Es, when did you get the ZX-6??? You didn't ask/tell me :( :LOL:.
  11. The box is locked down so it looks like its intended for remote access from various sources.

    Nifty though.
  12. Bugger, no GSF250.
  13. I'm running XP and I cannot find it on my system.

    My original post was an error. I'd tried it in a browser (didn't read the F screen, did I?)...

    How do I access the RDC software under XP Pro?
  14. Unless your computer has had some of its features disabled by a nasty network administrator, it should be here..

  15. I'm the "nasty" admin for this computer. All users who login are classed as admins. That option is the only one that's missing from the list of programs under "comms".

    I had a look in add/remove Windows Components under Control Panel/Add Remove Programs, but it doesn't even show up there.

    And I tried to install it via MS update but it told me that it was already installed.

    It's got me buggered...
  16. Should be here: %SystemRoot%\System32\mstsc.exe
  17. you might need to enable the remote desktop options in control panel> administrator> services ?
  18. Finding out Honda part numbers
    Honda doesn't give away it's part numbers, so when you were in need of genuine parts numbers for any reason, you had to go to your dealer's. Here now is a possibility to find Honda part numbers via internet. Actually, this is a way to connect to the Honda dealers' network in US. This was posted on TAML in February 2006.

    The following conditions must meet on your computer:

    Windows XP (most probably Windows 2000 will work also)
    direct connection to the internet (i.e., no proxy server)
    when connecting via a browser, you must have Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher with ActiveX enabled (see below)
    a fast internet connection (i.e. 1,000 MBit/sec or faster) is helpful. Even if it will work also using a 56KBit modem. In this case you'll need some time, though ;-)
    Here's how it is done:
    Go to your Start menu
    Choose All Programs
    Choose Accessories
    Choose Communications
    Choose Remote Desktop Connection
    In the window opening type (This is the IP number of the server you will connect)
    To find the parts list for your bike go to the blue book on the top left-hand side of the screen, choose XL600 and then Transalp. Since we are in an US net, the Transalp files unfortunately end with model 1990.
    For further infos, among others how to connect via your browser, you may want to check out Servicehonda.com.

    Good luck!

    Found when I coudn't connect....
  19. thanks. That's done it.

    Now, when I entered in the ip address and click on connect a dialog box asking me for "credentials" or login id and password comes up.

    Looks like I can't win, no matter what. This site has my curiosity really going...
  20. Got it to go. entered a bogus email address no password.

    Like the aftermarket speedo that the mob is advertising.