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Remote Battery Terminals

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Grrila, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Hey Guys,

    After a comedy of errors in trying to jump start my bike last night, it pretty much took 3 goes to get out on the road to go for a ride and charge the battery. I stopped in at the servo at the end of my run, checked my tire pressure and used the moment to test if the bike would fire up again and it did. Success! So I thought...

    Fast forward to this morning and the battery is flat "mother f*&ker!".

    I've got a 08 z750 and the placement and process of the battery is on the ridiculous side. Remove both seats, remove 2 steel plates and then physically remove the battery because the terminals are tyre side down. Amongst all that having to ensure I'm not pulling on any cables that are in the way. Compared to my old zeal the design thought on the z750 is well... shite. Even putting a trickle charger on the bike is going to be a right royal pain in the ass.

    I'm wondering have any members here have installed a remote terminal kit? I've looked online and $60-$70 seems a bit rich for a pair of bolts with rubber washers and a dust cap! Has anybody found kits cheaper than this or done a DIY of their own with much success? If so let us know where you got the kits from or maybe post up some pics of their DIY kits and experience of.

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  3. Job done! Man that was a piece of cake too.
  4. What did you do?
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    Got one of the trickle charger kits similar to what you showed me from Battery World and got it for 55 bucks without having to pay postage or even wait for it turn up :). New battery installed and put in the little ring terminals with a lead and have the wire running up into my pillion seat. Now after every ride I undo the pillion seat and plug my bike into the wall every time.

    No more flat batteries hopefully and should make the battery last for years.

    Oh, also I don't know about the kit you showed me but I wouldn't be using those little leads to try and jump a battery. The one on my kit are on the thin side and would probably melt trying to put that much load through the cables on a jump.
  6. Point taken, but if the other engine isn't running then it should be fine. Just taking a jump off a charged 12v battery. Then once the bike is started, take it for a decent ride and let it recharge its own battery.