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reminder that looking left and right for red light runners

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by belair, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. Just a reminder that looking left and right for red light runners when taking off at intersections might just one day save you alot of grief.

    Why do I feel the need to remind of this: because I narrowly averted being t-boned by a slack jawed, half wit, reclined seat having, oxygen thievin' mofo of a commodore driving P-plater, trying to catch an amber light.Deep breath. Well he missed the amber and well and truly ran the red making a right turn into the same road as I was on. If it wasnt for the brief glance which meant braking fractions of a second earlier, my right leg would be in 15 different bits right now. It's a habit I'm very glad I aquired.
  2. *nods head* I check left and right through every intersection. It only takes the first time to get creamed.
  3. Always do the intersection check there mate, saved me several times :grin:

    I find the biggest problem is people on the opposite side of the intersection waiting to make a right turn (eg. in front of you through the intersection). They during a green or just amber light plant the foot and execute the turn, only to be followed by the car behind (this one is the problem :shock: )

    Always slow down when there are more than one car waiting to do that, as the last ones make a mad rush to get through!

    Be careful
  4. hear, hear!

    i even do the quick left, right check when i'm going through the green.
  5. :WStupid:


    I always assume there's a falcodore, bogan, riceboy, taxi (shudder) bmw, merc, volvo, 4wd (or worse, bmw/merc 4wd with mum and kids going to-from school, soccer etc) lurking at every intersection.
  6. Better to be safe than sorry.

    Even at those intersections with a stop signs because so many people just ignore them.

    As a note, not even at roundabouts! Had a couple of people happily trundle right in front of me from the left while I was already in the intersection. Both times mothers in 4WD with kids yelling in the backseat.
  7. I check each and every time without fail, I have seen too many people run red lights, completely oblivious to it.
  8. Ya I always check before zipping off.

    Last night an idiot green P plater ran a red light right (I dont mean when its turning amber, he just went through a red) in front of me, apparently not realizing there was a police car right behind him. Classic..
  9. i lost my old car to a p plater running a red light late at night in a commodore . only had his liscene for a week, had a car load of his mates. half a second earlier he would have crushed me hittin striaght through the door. but lukily found hit front quater pannel.

    all his mates lied said i ran it i also had a friend in the car and know i was in no wrong. only came out with a bung knee few buises an cuts an about a losss of a few grand from loss of income and inconvenienve and callin in favours for lifts an stuff.

    despite all that evan though my door was pried open an i got out the car had a smoke looked at my baby and laughed....... u may ask wat so funny. well could have died an at least i could walk evan though in excrutiating pain.

    but thats part off life hey, there will always be dipsh@ts that dont knnow how to drive.
  10. Mate, I even check intersections I am approaching that have been green for ages when I can(visibility is not always there). Just a quick glance up past the stopped traffic is enough to catch any fast movers.
    I've seen people blow right through red lughts that have been red for ages :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. +1 for the check, its also helpful for checking for police cars.
  12. Yep, never just go with the green. Always have a good look! Unfortunately Vicroads are still insisting on giving people a driving test instead of an IQ test, so be careful and don't expect people to think before they act. :)
  13. zipping along south rd around 9pm doing about 65km in a mates WRX the other night, we saw an echo nudging out from a side street.

    2 of us said " car, car car"

    as the driver was chatting to a passenger, next minute we know the car does a bolt from side street we are locked up in a 4 wheel slide down the inside of them over a gutter (luckily we went up a drive way section then back down the gutter the hard way) narrowly missing the stupid biatch in the echo.

    corrected our course, and continued on..

    half of us wanted to turn and chase the fcuking blind biatch and sort her out. she was on a mobile at the time.

    instead we carried on silently... back to my place and sunk a few pales.

    most of us drive rx7's silvias WRX's or sports styled cars, most of us race/drift/drag at various levels of competition so we all have good skills behind the wheel.. but idiots cause the issues that we have to then avoid.

    she got off scott free no damage and we did a bit of back yard wheel aligning and suspension work and had the WRX good as new.

    keep ya eyes open, day or night, side streets round abouts and intersections..

    its no longer safe to just do the right thing..
  14. trucks, cement trucks, i had a close encounter after moving across the intersection on the change to green only to see a cement truck roll thru and turn right in front of me > what do you do ? punch it or brake and turn away ?
    light was green for a few seconds , so mr truck driver was into the red for at least 4 seconds, he never bothered to brake in the yellow. thats just irresponsible.
    these drivers kill people
  15. yeah I have found anything remotely heavy is a big contender for orange / red light runner of the year, as often these guys feel too heavy to slow for that amber and would rather carry that momentum through the intersection.
  16. Excellent advise. Don't trust the lights.
  17. Yep, look both ways.

    Averted being flown a many meters through the air this morning when I looked both ways as I slowly moved forwards. Saw an Australia Post van race through a red light right in front of me.

    The driver seemed to be reading something :roll:
  18. reading his junk mail???
  19. Could have been reading up on the road rules.

    "Oh, yellow means slow down and red means st.........too late"