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Reminder: Please Read!!!

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by vic, May 12, 2007.

  1. Folks,

    When you post a topic please ensure that it is in the CORRECT FORUM!!!

    You all scream and whinge when your posts are moderated but you do not take care to ensure you post in the correct forum!

    Posts such as, "which jacket do I buy" does not belong in "new riders and riding tips" the description for that forum is Issues relevant to beginner riders, and riding tips for all riders.

    "But I am a new rider" I hear you say....granted, you may be, but, if the topic is one related to gear of any description then it belongs in.....
    "Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts"

    Of late there are a lot of posts simply being tossed into "New Riders & Riding Tips"

    This is not where you ask the question "are there any rides in Melb today"

    Please take a Minute to read the T&C's, and again, please take care where you deposit your post.

    I for one will no longer move topics. It matters not how many replies there are, nor does it matter if you took 45 minutes to type it out. It will not be moved to "holding".
    IT WILL BE DELETED and it will be removed from the database.

  2. Whats the bet these same people won't read this thread :LOL:
  3. One thing ive been picking up from talking to people is “short notice ride posts†depending on who you talk to they are ether ment to go in the “general discussions†OR “Ride and events sectionâ€...Yet posts are getting removed from “Ride and events section “ and to the best of my knowledge getting removed from not going into the calendar even though there short notice rides and people told to post them in “general discussionsâ€...and low and behold there also getting removed from there too

    Please note ive never had any post removed as ive never posted up a ride...I am just simply stating what ive picked up from talking to people at coffee nights and rides :cool:
  4. The sticky topic in every Ride and Event Announcement forum clearly explains this. Anyone who is unsure just hasn't read the sticky. Thus, no sympathy is their topic gets removed.
  5. reading that i see that your ment to post short notice rides in the “Ride and events section" BUT as i said people are saying there still getting removed from there
  6. I don't have a problem at all with this policy, and moderation in general on this forum.
    I've occasionaly posted something in what I considered to be the best place for it, and a mod has moved it, no skin off my nose!

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. As I said, probably because they haven't read or don't follow the sticky. Eg, not really a short notice ride, it's a "who wants to go on a ride" and not an announcement with meet place and date/time, etc, etc.
  8. If only they were all as understanding as you.. Some people though just dont give a rats and they will whack a post anywhere. Then they have the nerve to flame Vic, Jason or any of the Mods.. And the thing that really annoys me if they jack up, is when they aren't even a member.. :evil:
  9. So, once and for all, can this be clarified.

    Yet it is reported that EOI are being removed from there too.
  10. I get it then if it’s a short notice ride that is planned and has set times... it goes in the “Ride and events section"
    If it’s an IM thinking of doing a ride and no set time/place it goes in the “general discussions†BUT as soon as there is a set time and place a new thread is ment to be started in the “Ride and events section" for that ride (and I guess a link from the old general post to let people know)
  11. Correct, but with the addendum that it it's not a short notice ride then the Event Calendar is used to post the ride, and the server will automatically add it to the forums once the calendar entry has been approved.