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Remembering Greg Hansford

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pvda, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Hard to believe it was 20 years ago today we lost former 2 wheel champ turned Touring Car racer Greg Hansford in a collision between turns 1 & 2 at Phillip Island during a 2 Litre Touring Car race.

  2. 20 years? Damn... I'm getting old.
  3. So sad, and so missed; Gregg remains the only person to have won races at Bathurst on both two wheels (many times) and on four wheels (1993 with Larry Perkins.
    Kork Ballington recently confirmed what we'd known all along; if Gregg had bee a couple of stone lighter and a few inches shorter, he would have won both the 250cc and 350cc World Championship in the years that Kork won them both.
    Almost certainly the most talented motorcycle racer this country produced in the pre-Gardner/Stoner era.....
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  4. Fastest bloke i ever saw at the cutting,he was accelerating where everyone else was braking
  5. Last time we talked about him ya'll got ya nickers twisted lol
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    Well post WWII anyway, Arthur George Wilkinson was World Speedway Motorcycle champion between WW1 and WW2 and is a Sport Australia Hall of Famer. Tragically, similarly to Greg Hansford he was also killed in an accident before his time.


  7. Did you forget a certain Mick Doohan?
  8. Mick was still in nappies when Gregg ruled the roost..
  9. Mick Doohan falls into the the era deliniated at the start by Gardner and at the end by Stoner.
  10. My very first Bathurst in 1974 (?) the Hansford / Willing duel on the new , brutal TZ700 Yamahas was unforgettable .Gregg was fast on every bike he rode . One other notable memory was in the Bol d'or 24 hour race at Paul Ricard circuit in south France in 1980 we saw Gregg and the great Jim Budd lead in the early stages , in front of all of the fancied European endurance teams . Thanks for the memories !
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    One of my favourite of many of my pictures of Gregg, Oran Park
    Murray Sayle, Gregg and Rick Perry on the works Kawasakis, and Jeff Sayle bringing up the rear on his TZ750

    Obviously for some people I need to be more careful with my syntax when I post on Netrider. Gregg was the greatest rider Australia produced before the era BEGUN with Gardner and ENDING with Stoner.
  12. With the syntax yes :)

    (are we really having a grammar/syntax debate without Smee?)

    But I still think that great as Greg was, based on records, he wasn't definitively any better than Bluey Wilkinson.
  13. I agree, some of our pre-war speedway riders were freakishly good. And if you want to talk about all-round talent, you'd have to be talking about Stephen Gall, who rode moto-cross, speedway and road-racing, as well as cars and speedway!!
    I remember Jan Blizzard one day telling me of a race meeting in New Zealand where Gregg's 750 damaged a crankshaft in practice so he went out and won against all the other 750s on his 250!
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