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remember to take your disc lock off

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bex84, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. you can imagine what happened!
    that is all...


  2. I have nearly done it twice. Now it gets clipped to my jacket, and if the weight isn't on my side I get nervous(Left it in the garage one day, and was panicked every time i got on the damn bike). Fortunately the two times i had been moving the bike by hand. I am so glad I don't just hop on and Blare off.
  3. lol.. That is exactly what i did! Jumped on my bike and went to take off pretty fast then BANG the front tyre skidded and my bike went to go down, lucky i got my foot down pretty quick!
    It's pretty embaressing when there is a bus stop full of people over the road and a car waiting to park in your spot too.
    Hahahah wont be forgeting that again :)
  4. bex don't you have one of the brightly coloured elastic thingys you put on the lock when on disc to your handlebar? no chance of forgetting and they are about $2.50
  5. Yeah i might invest in one of those bright cable things...
    The previous owner gave me the lock when i bought the bike and it never had a cable and i havnt even thought of buying one. Next time im in the city i will stop into MCA
  6. My disc lock has a movement sensor that sets off an alarm. I do feel stupid when i forget to take it off, sit down on the bike and have the alarm go off. But at least i don't take off with it still attached.

    I've read of the dangers of having a mobile phone in your pocket in the event of a crash. I think a weighty disc lock is going to cause far more damage to you.
  7. hopefully my soft stitch works, and it breaks off the jacket. But yeah, convenience is a pain in the bum sometimes.
  8. i think you need 1 of these

  9. I find a system is just as good - if you have a lock with a storage cover, put the cover in front of your gloves (if under seat), in your gloves, or in your helmet. that way, even when you're in a rush to park the bike, you won't forget when you come back.
  10. did the disc lock cause any physical damage? or just damage to the ego?
  11. You can use a bread tie with one of the "legs" cut off. It will fit into the ignition. You can't start the bike without taking it out and that'll remind you that you have the disc lock on.

    The other trick is to make sure the disc lock is hard up against the calipers - i.e., roll the bike forward till it hits. That way, if you forget, the bike wont roll forward, it will dip straight away... which means that you shouldn't drop it because you'll know what you've just done... or haven't done as the case may be. :)
  12. just a tip...

    the disc lock should be placed on the rear wheel, as it us easier for 2 guys to lift the front n load it on a trailer if it is placed on the front. better yet go excessive and buy a disc lock for both rear and front :p buh then again if they want ur bike it still wont stop them
  13. There there, its ok, my friend one drunken news years eve, decided it will be a good idea to do a burnout...with the lock on the rear wheel, of course, he didnt know this in his drunken stupor, thus, his hayabusa completly destroed the lock, and bent and warped the disc, his reaction?

    he continued doing his burnout.
  14. Yea man go get yourself one of those fluresent elastic things that hook up to the look and the handle bar...

    What i do is hook it up to my ignition unit so i can see it better incase i forget it.

    LoL! I dropped my bike infront of my work place because of that once! man it was embrassing!
  15. ??? Care to enlighten us?

    I carry my phone in my jacket and my wallet.. In the event of an accident will the phone get out and steal my wallet?

  16. A phone doesn't worry me particularly, but I do make an effort to avoid carrying spiky things (like pens) about my person when riding.

    I must say, I really wouldn't want to land on a disc lock.
  17. Get a reminder cable anyway.

    I've managed to have a clanger with a Xena. The siren went off after I backed the lock off the caliper.

    Saving the embarassment of repeatedly setting off the siren is worth the money the cord costs.
  18. Where did you get yours from?

    Iv heard of the alarmed disc locks but I cant find any... ANYWHERE! :(

    O yea... I forgot to check eBay, Gimme a sec while I check it out.
  19. How about here