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Remember to look before you go!!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by blaringmike, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Just thought i'd put a reminder out to everyone to look before you take off at the lights.

    Yesterday I was going out to check out some bike shops in the car and coming up to a set of lights that had just turned orange. I was doing about 80kph and about 50 meters away from them when they turned orange. Anyway, this mad dude in a mazda 323 who was a good 20 meters behind me decided he could make it. He ran the red by at least 5 seconds!!!!! :eek: :evil: :evil:

    Never seen anything that dangerous. So just thought i'd put it out there and hopefully everyone will remember to look before they take off at the next green light. Might save you getting hit by our friend in the mazda.

  2. I've seen something that dangerous, and second what you've just said.

    My car (turbo MR2) was written off on Thursday night by a wanker who ran a red arrow like that. He must've missed it by 6-8 seconds by my count. I was waiting at the opposite side of the road looking at a red light. When it turned green i went - BANG. Goodbye to both cars. If iw as on the bike, i'd be dead. If he was 1 second later he would've hit the side of the car and i'd be dead.

    Keep a careful eye out guys, drivers are getting more impaient and you certainly don't need to have any intelligence whatsoever to get a license these days.
  3. heres another pearler, but in a roundabout. i drive an My99 WRX(factory standard car) way home from willi coffee night last night, was turning right at a roundabout, was in the roundabout ans about to straighten out to exit, when some fcuktard in an old n busted laser or some shit comes barreling through from my left hand side entry, straight across the front of me.. i could see his face, he looked at me when i hit the horn (and the brakes.. hard) then looked straight ahead and just kept the boot in like a mofo. i think if i was on a bike, would have lowsided for sure. in the car i pretty much came to a complete stop to let him through.

  4. I almost got taken out by a hungry guy at mccas car park. I just turned in to the car park at mccas and this P plater was speeding from the other entrance heading for a drive through and almost took me out. :cry: . I did stop before I got into the car's path. The car did stop and applogise and let me go first.

    So yea, becareful out there.
  5. It's been happening since I learnt to drive (20+ years).
    ALWAYS expect the worst.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. I was in the right lane, stopped, at an intersection recently.

    Commodore in the left lane alongside me. Lights went green. Commodore wanted to turn right, so he decided he could achieve this by beating me away from the lights (!) and hooking right in front of me.

    Massive evasive action, brakes, much swearing. No collision, but close. Of course Commodore Man just sped off. Excellent stuff...

    Nothing surprises me any more.

  7. ..and it's these things, these drivers that the cops should be paying attention to and getting off the road! Not someone that does 5km/hr over!

    I've always got my eyes open on the way home from work, thanks to a lovely piece of road that is an intersection right on a merge lane (love those tassie road designs...). So many f*kwit car drivers that a) dive out of the intersection or b) DON'T KNOW HOW TO MERGE!