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Remember this chastity belt ? - drooool

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. I was 12 years - hell yeah I remember

  2. Sigh. Happy, carefree days...
  3. Just like real shinies, I think this would make your shiny shiny better to

  4. I like gardening, Hahahahahahaha.
  5. Fashion, music, and dance moves comes and goes, lack of clothing is always fashionable.
  6. I came here because of the promise of chastity belts.
    I leave disappointed.
    -Mrs Messy
  7. Hmm.. I really should change my password.
  8. Delivered

  9. Mr Motolegion has changed his avatar into something much more attractive than the previous boobies, so the lack of chastity belt is forgivable~
  10. Ill let her discover the pic from robin hood next time she snoops all on her own Geeth :D.
  11. I'll admit he's an attractive man, but more attractive than BOOBIES?
    Sorry, but I just can't go that far ;)
  12. How can that be? There are no boobies in his one!!!

  13. I have decided to use my own boobies instead as an avatar
  14. Hearty approval! Now we can all be in agreement, right? right! :D
  15. Dang! I remember her now. mmmmmmmm

    And, wasn't he in 'Oliver'?
  16. Hell no!!
    I find this display of a naked mans chest incredibly offensive. I have taken the liberty of censoring this.

    Attached Files:

  17. *lynches geeth for furthering the Nanny State on Netrider* <_<
  18. Love that Tatt Geeth LOL
  19. Video did my head in but the OP's siggy made me laugh so all is balanced nicely.