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Remember Road Rash?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pat65, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. Was in JB Hi Fi on the weekend when I stumbled across the original Road Rash PC game. For $8.50 I couldn't resist it. Bought back a few memories and gave me a few laughs. :grin:

  2. thats the one where you can belt the other riders with chains etc isn't it???

    loved playing that in my younger days

    the Diablo Bike was great though
  3. heh, funny :)

    We played road rash on console a lot more, on the 3DO system. By god that was a buggy game :)

    My all time favourite 'old school' motorbike game would have to be, Zippy Race (arcade)
  4. I hope you can slow your PC down enough to run it; some of that old stuff was clock-speed dependent.

    Still, nothing better than belting the bloke in the next lane with a bike chain.....
  5. was fun... as you passed *whop* and you guaranteed 1st spot... just had to time it right cause they had chains too :)
  6. There was a bat as well - which made a great plonk plonk noise when you whapped other rider's helmets.
    Used to spend long, long hours with the brown-stained phallic glasswear and this game giggling our tits off.

    ACtually was playing ridgeracer on the PSP yesterday and was thinking - What I would give for one violent mindless motorbike game for PSP!
  7. Im with undii zippy racer was my favourite as well, I have it on pc the arcade version made possible by mame emulator cool game.
  8. Hell yeah, I do same thing. I have a huge widescreen TV + awesome joystick on mame on xbox to do that. To see what I mean (except the tv + xbox + joystick are in a big entertainment unit, well joystick goes on coffee table) it is




  9. Yep I remember Road Rash :grin:
    Just dug it out again .. still runs fine on my machine .. had forgotten how much fun it was :LOL: :LOL:
    Sure it's a bit dated graphicswise etc .. but still good for a giggle :LOL: :LOL:
    Gotta laugh at the way it asks to install DirectX2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dang that takes me back :LOL: :LOL:
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  11. I still have Road Rash, but I don't think it's compatible with the latest DirectX version. I'll just have to install it and find out. (gee, what a pity... </sarcasm>)
  12. Okay, it works fine.

    You don't have to worry about DirectX (even though it used version 2.0 and we're now at something like 9.0c) or the speed of your processor.

    Thanks for rekindling the old fun!
  13. Worked fine on mine first time. Just need to win enough races to afford the NOS upgrade :LOL:
  14. Ah road rash! I remember that, one of my fav games, I used to play it on the old sega megadrive eons back...loved stealing the baton of the cop and using it to beat him up with it. :LOL:
  15. classic! a total classic

    chains, bats... you can kick too!! they should bring something like that out on the 360.
  16. I've just found that the controls aren't working properly. It's like they're on a delay & exaggerate setting that you can't change. :?
  17. Totally, like a Burnout Revenge BUT WITH BIKES!!!
  18. Went to download it off that link but its not there, only had the demo when i was a kid but played it constantly!

    Ill check out the torrent sights for it, just downloaded Montey Pythons Quest for the Holy Grail adventure game a couple of days ago, so getting into the retro gaming at the mo'!
  19. totally loved that game, played it on master system then on mega drive then on PC. some dumbass left his CD in a PC at school once tho and lost it forever :(

    and for a slihtly more updated version, have a look at 'Speed Kings' on the Xbox. its like burnout meets road rash, so unrealistic that you'll laugh your ass off for the first half hour :LOL: after that its just crazy stupid fun :grin:
  20. Wait no found it! Just gotta get into the racing section...