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Remember my accident last year?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cejay, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. This is how you make porridge

    2 weeks ago there was a fatal car accident at the same spot. This was reported in the local paper and they were seeking others who may have had accidents there. It transpires that one guy's been writing to the council/VicRoads for a couple of years now pleading for the road to be repaired.

    Initial reports are that the road condition contributed to the accident.

    In VicRoads defence, the road was scheduled for repair the day before the accident but were delayed due to equipment issues. The timing just sucks though for the person who died that day.

    I saw the repairs last week. They spot repaired with spray seal. They were done in what looked like a few hours. So not even a large job :(

    Anyway, I'm off to see the reporter tomorrow...hopefully she's not a TT/ACA style reporter :roll:

    Lilydale Leader

  2. Hey cejay- i will look out for you on the tele! Make sure you present a good face to the public for the biking fraternity :wink:
  3. Local newspapers only, but it's my 15mins and I'm gonna use it as a springboard into telly. Or I may make a record. Definitely a book.
  4. Shows how fortunate you were CJ. :eek:
  5. What an unnecessary tragedy :cry:

    Don your ambassador's hat Ceejay and do your stuff :applause:
  6. Lmao...

    Do it boy - thing is if it gets to be a big enough story with the increase in accidents then you might be a poster boy for the story :grin:
  7. So... If it is a known accident spot because vicroads havn't done there job...
    Can you charge them for your excess (Or more to the point get the Insurance company to hit them for the lot :LOL: )
  8. Remember my accident last year?

    not rly.. any link?
  9. the first line in his post has a link mate.
  10. every cloud has a silver lining eh? had to be something positive to come out of that accident - who woulda thought it would be a record deal :LOL:
  11. May I make a suggestion? , When you are interviewed begin with saying something like . " Firstly my thoughts are with the family of the person tragically killed". Remember it is their tradegy .
    They will appreciate a sympathetic mention from you up front .

    Once you've done that, tell your story . Good luck with the interview and thank God you came out of your crash ok .
  12. Good to see that the government is looking after its alleged voters......!!
  13. Cejay, buddy, just one tip for ya bro... this is not your good side!


    Seriously though, it's a good thing you're doing. More power to ya!
  14. Not only has the story been printed, but my hideous mug now adorns the front page of the Lilydale Leader with a full story on Pg3.

    Lilydale Leader

    The Main Story

    The reporter was excellent, she has taken the story and not embellished at all. It's incredibly sensitive as the fatal accident will be the subject of a coroners inquest and conjecture can't be entered into. Nevertheless, it's interesting that Vic Police have been so helpful.
  15. only if the a-hole gets fired!

    yay cj!

    you're famous!

    on you for sticking up for the road users. we deserve so much better!
  16. Well done mate , a tragic story though .
  17. Got a visit from Da Fuzz

    I got an email a couple of weeks ago from Sgt Cusack from the MCIU in Melbourne wanting to talk to me about my accident last year. After a few near misses, we met up this afternoon to collect a statement about the accident, the information I provided to Vicroads and my other observations about the road.

    The Officer was really pleasant, we had a general chat about roads, bikes, road surfaces etc... My statement will be compiled and form a body of evidence for the State Coroner who will review the statements from all the other people who've crashed on the same road. I might have to give evidence :eek:hno:

    Now my neighbours probably want to know why I had a Police Territory outside my house for an hour. Kept the speed down on my road though!
  18. Hey CJ,
    U accident seems to hold really close corelation to mine. I think u have inspired me to contact the minister of transport and complain or somebody that has juristiciton over vicroads.

    Someone on a motorcycle died a few days ago on the road that i came off, they apparently came off 1 corner before the one i came off. Not a good sign, when vicroads promisde to clean up the debri.

    It appaling how nothing has been done, and that the community is suffering cause of it.
  19. Natta, I know you spoke to Leader papers, have you followed up on the fatality with them? That is truly awful if the road was not swept.
  20. I have been trying to find some more info on the crash, police wont tell me. All that i have heard is from my mate that lives up in kinglake
    I will try the newspaper soon.