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Remember me Lord?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Duke at Eee, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Okay so I'm reading through another thread and I see a quote from Old Maid - "a come to Jesus moment" and I laugh at the expression and then I get thinking, yes I've had my share and yes in hind sight I could have done something to avoid that situation, others were totally out of my control ie momentarily pausing at a fresh green light just to have the car on my right t boned right in front of me. So perhaps some of us older/more experienced riders or even some of the recently acquired ones, may like to share our 'come to Jesus' moments and give some hind sight as how to avoid them. Over to you.....

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  2. This is going to be hilarious. As a newbie I'm just glad that I have a helmet on my head and a louder bike now so people can't hear the 'Jesus' moments and the expletives that either precede it or follow closely. I can be a bit hard on myself.

    I mono'd the CB125 last week. That was a call to Jesus moment but then afterwards I thought, maybe I'm talking to the wrong people. I can't find small enough gloves and in an effort to unbunch them I dropped the clutch while throttling out of a corner. Bad timing for a little discomfort. Double "Jesus" because I was in a corner. Lesson? Find well fitting gloves.
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  3. Ms Goldenberri it's good to see you wear gloves. It makes me cringe to see bare hands, thongs, shorts etc been worn
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  4. Owing to being in a 4 seasons state, most riders cover up down here. But I need to find the kiddies department for new gloves. I can imagine it would be quite different in sunny GC.
  5. tried amx at keilor?
  6. On a 38 degree day when track temperatures reach 50+ degrees listen to the voice in your head that tells you it's time to pack up. Especially after you've realised you've drunk 4 litres of water and have yet to pass a single drop of urine in the 4 hours you've been at the track day. It only ends badly if you dont listen to that voice.
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  7. As we all know bikes brake so much better than cars. I guess it was a rookie mistake, travelling in the right hand lane and lights change to red yes I knew I could stop but I should have looked in my mirrors to see the ute roaring up behind me, OH JESUS !. Luckily he swerved around me on my left hand side to go through the red lights.
    Lesson learnt, mirror check and be prepared to take action :facepalm:
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  8. Twice. Back to PS next week in the endless search for gear that fits.
  9. I think I mentioned this a few years ago. St George's Road, I saw the lights turn, realised I wasn't going to get through and braked to a stop.
    I don't remember thinking or checking mirrors, I just felt it - get the hell of of here!
    I rode straight up onto the median strip and a young guy in an old car locked up and slid into the place I was sitting a millisecond before.
    Not all survival reactions are bad.
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  10. My first trip through the black spur, i was doing around 40, heading towards a corner.. it was kinda dewy and for some reason i had a brain failure.

    I pulled the clutch in, instead of the brake, the bike shot straight forward towards the dirt wall and in a panic i let go of the clutch lever.
    The ass end started doing fishies as i was heading to the corner.. I applied the front brake like i was holding an egg in my hand and lightly pressed on the back brake in an effort to reduce the swerving..

    Luckily for me i managed to slow down to around 10kmh and made the corner.. I'm pretty sure my heart skipped a few beats that day but luckily I haven't repeated that early incident.

    This was my 'come to jesus moment'

    Juz :)
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  11. A couple here. On the way back to mum and dads on a very narrow road, dotted lines all the way and narrow shoulders with slight hills that make it quite impossible to see over.
    I was stuck behind farmer joe doing 80 in a 100. I was just about to zip around him when my brain said just relax. Luckily I did. A car came past just when I estimated I would have tried to go into oncoming traffic.

    Another. A week ago travelling Apollo Bay to Forrest. Big sweeping bends that I was loving. Taking them wide and getting the perfect line through the exit. I decided to take the next one a bit slower for some reason. It was indicated for 60kmh and I did the recommended speed. Just as I took it a car came roaring past me half on my side half on his. Luckily I was close to the dirt wall. A few expletives later and I had to pull over to count my blessings.
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  12. Since my come to jesus moments have become contagious...
    Everyone has their own and by all means call out to jesus but it is when those arms open up, a beam of light comes down (Simpson's style) from above and then it is a sheeeeeeit, fill the duds with brown kind of occasion but you don't actually come to grief.
    That adrenalin surge tingles through you, your eyes dilate, heart starts to rumba, you exhale like a rhino and you then go eh har, shake your head and give her a bit more :D

    Womble watched me do a doozie - over ran a really boring corner doing 100+clicks off into the grass rocks bit of bush and shit...damn..but I didn't stop got going again...come to jesus moment...worst thing was after berating myself (I fixated on this slick of water across the road) Womble asked did I want to call it quits?
    Na lets nail the biatch...a simple corner...so we blat along taking other tighter corners at higher speeds and come back...

    I did a carbon copy come to jesus moment- he still didn't want me! ;) I nearly followed my tyre marks into the same shit on the side and bush AGAIN...WTF poor Womble...He thought I was showing off and doing it to test his pacemaker out ;).
    Na...the adrenalin rush made my temper even hotter and we called it a day.

    My next come to jesus moment (CTJM) was when I went back a few days later after work to nail that biatch corner to the cross once and for all...I went just fine no probs...then blatting along for another circuit when suddenly a wallaby saw me, I saw it and the bastard animal said come to jesus with me...I somehow dodged it or it had second thoughts and dodged me...that CTJM really filled my daks and about 500m down the roads the adrenalin surge was so great I even got the teeth chatters...ha!
    Lesson ride carefully in the twilight even in Sydney bush, never listen to a wallaby and wear thicker undies ;)
    BTW my CTJM are rare these days and I hope to keep it that way :D

    I look forward to reading more CTJM on here! Good topic Duke at EeeDuke at Eee
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  13. Actually they don't.

    I wrote a great "Jesus moment" story here some years back. Worth a read and noting the warning about throttle rockers. https://netrider.net.au/threads/rob-takes-the-9r-motocrossing-major-oops.72529/#post-1271197

    Since those days I've spent a lot of time and reading and proactive practice and even formal education on motorcycle roadcraft... I haven't had an Oh Jesus moment in years...(knocks on wood, spits on the ground, makes signs of the cross and any other superstition to ward off mozzing himself).

    Coming off at turn 12 PI a few years back at some deathly speed was definitely an oh jesus moment... lol
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  14. I recently had my "JESUS TAKE THE BARS!" moment...

    Coming down a duel lane road doing 70 Kph on my motard... bus in the left lane followed by a council tractor with a grass cutter attachment, I was thinking to myself "I bet hes going to pull out into my lane" as the bus was pulling up to a bus stop but because I came over a crest I was already pretty close and sure enough the tractor swerved over abruptly into my lane... I panicked for a split second before remembering my emergency stop practice i had been doing a couple days before for moments like this. Hard on the front brakes and down 2 gears to get some tail braking to stabilize the rear, at this point i realized that this wasn't enough and needed a way out. To my right a medium strip with 2 lanes of on coming trafffic and on my left a BUS and a bus stop with people... or a more unconventional exit.... because the tractor swerved to the right meaning he took up his lane right to the medium strip leaving a gap between the bus and the tractor. so I kept my eye on the gap and applied slight throttle to control the bike and shot between the bus and the tractor o_O

    I pulled up to the set of lights and looked over to the driver of the tractor and im pretty sure he could tell by the look a gave I was less the happy as he gave me a big sorry speech and apologized while waiting for the lights to change... I didnt say anything, didnt think I needed to...

    Ive only had my L's for a couple months now and im glad I practice the essentials like emergency braking and swerving.... looking back on it, I could of panicked worse, locked the front slid and got run over by the tractor or the bus or got hit by a car from behind or flew into oncoming traffic to avoid this fool.

    would anyone done this situation differently?
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  15. I hit a magpie at 'i can see god' speed, it went through the fairing screen and bounced off my helmet in a cloud of black feathers, I sat up and wondered what the f was going on/ looked down at the speedo and I slowed to highly illegal and saw the grass under the front wheel, carefully veered back onto the hard stuff, slowed down and stopped. Never found another screen that fitted the aftermarket fairing. :-(

    riding through the streets of sunny Darwin [parap] not overly fast or even illegal, thought 'yoo dickhead' when the 4wd pulled out from a sidestreet a bit close. went, 'expletive deleted' when i spotted the 10 metre caravan he was towing.

    I'd just crossed into the NT on one of my trips to darwin, been riding into a headwind since dawn, the wind finally stopped and i thought 'beautful day to be alive, the cloud cover was there and a storm was brewing but all was good with the world, until the rain started. Thought bugger this I'll pull over and wait it out. just about to stop and lightning hits a tree about 100 yards off the road. fcuk, I'm off, I figured a moving target would be harder to hit. got soaked, but dried off at the next roadhouse, Marla bore if i remember correctly..
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  16. [QUOTE="foot69, post: 2842401, member: 30206] Thought bugger this I'll pull over and wait it out. just about to stop and lightning hits a tree about 100 yards off the road. fcuk, I'm off, I figured a moving target would be harder to hit. .[/QUOTE]

    Sounds like God =1
    foot69foot69 = 0

    How's your hearing after that crack of god's whip? ;)
  17. Old Maid there are so many icons I could put to your story it is agreeable, like able and very funny so please accept this as all three.

    Robsalvv I read your previous thread and all I can say is OMG what a major pucker moment that was. I bet it all happened in slow motion
    And a big thank you to everyone who has put in a story so far, it shows we are only human, schitt happens and we bike riders old or young unfortunately are not immortal, and if anyone can draw some lessons from our experiences, and perhaps avoid the unwanted aftermath then we as a community of bike enthusiasts have done well, again thank you all and keep the CTJM stories coming.
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  18. Ba ha...do i get to patent and collect royalties on the use of CTJM Duke at EeeDuke at Eee ? :D or is there a special place in hell for me with the name satan on it? ;)
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  19. Do bi
    I was taught by the excellent people at StayUpright that bikes DONT brake as quick as cars. Yet I have seen a thread on here stating they DO.
    I believe StayUpright. But just to get this out of my head which is true.
    With reaction time etc. out of the way. Just pure physics what stops quicker an average car or an average bike (with or without ABS in both)?
  20. A good driver in a good car will outbrake a good rider on a good bike, usually. A good rider on a good bike will outbrake the vast majority of drivers on our roads. everyone will outbrake a rider on an old harley.
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