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Remember Luke Memorial Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Wolve, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. Sunday March 4th 2012 Meet at Sunbury MacDonalds at 10:30am for a 10:45am departure, with a local ride leading on to the Black Forest Drive to ride into Woodend.

    Arrive at Woodend Golf Course about 11:30am - 11:45am to be on the course at 12 noon.

    Tree planting ceremony and salute to our fallen brethren on this day, Luke's Birthday.


    Vale Luke Wilson​

    I would like to let you know the feelings as a mother, a parent and family members of Luke Wilson, we are disgusted at the result of Luke’s case where a police officer was found “Not Guilty” of driving dangerously causing death.
    We believe that it sends the wrong message to the community when all we hear about is reducing the road toll.

    How can we ever get through to all drivers, especially young drivers, when a member of our authority - holding a “silver driving standard” is choosing to drive in this manner, not believing it was not “dangerous”, for the sake of cupcakes. Where are the priorities? In the process of ”Innocent until Proven Guilty” as in the drivers case, we sat through five days of a slanted view to try and degrade Luke’s name and character, his ability as a rider and that his bike was in a “over maintained” order. This is to establish as the law states ” To Prove Beyond Reasonable Doubt” that the driver did not cause Luke’s death.

    I believe that the laws do not look after the victim, in this case the deceased person has no representation and yet be scrutinized to a miniscule degree and not to be able to argue their case. I ask you, who is the Innocent person here? This is not about upholding the law, this is about not taking responsibility for your actions, this is about not being sentenced and jailed and this is about winning a case. We as a family are left with complete heartache of the loss or our beautiful son, brother, partner, uncle, grandson, nephew, cousin and extended family not to mention all his friends and community.

    Maureen Wilson
    Luke’s mother written on Mother’s Day 2011
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  2. what date
  3. Fixed, Sunday March 4th 2012, Luke's Birthday.
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  4. cool if im available ill be there, literally only live 1min from start point
  5. I definitely will attending this ride the actions of the Police constable concerned were reprehensible, and the courts findings basically dismissed this young riders life as unimportant. The family has every right to feel betrayed by our system.
  6. Will try to be there.
  7. Despite needing to prepare for the Netrider track day the next day, I'll do what I can to be there.

    The thin blue line always bands together to protect its own from the hand of justice. It's disgusting to see that they can get away with negligent acts of road abuse such as this, even when their actions result in the death of an innocent road user!
  8. cops fkn suck!
    this is the perfect example why.
  9. We will try to be there ...
  10. I will be there.
  11. Just to remind everyone of this event: an idea of who will be coming will help us plan the day :)
  12. can't say I knew the chap but I'll be there.

    If by attending, I can somehow help - in a miniscule way - to contribute to increasing awareness of the safety issues for motorcyclists (that are outside of the riders control) then it's worthwhile.
  13. My condolances to family and friends,its the best way to get some one off the hook
    to destroy their character and attack their history pack of - - - - -, thats the way these
    dogs work,and the deceased cant defend themselves,stay strong.
  14. I'll be there. Didn't know the guy but from reports it sounds like that was my loss. :(
  15. important to be there for a show of numbers.
    we know what happenned.
    and the travesty of justice that followed.
    was difficult to believe it could happen here in a country like ours. but it did.
    will never forget it.
    will be there.
  16. do or do not, there is no try. - Yoda.

    Seriously, this is a bump. Forget the weather, forget your troubles, forget your gripes. This is the opportunity to show how you feel by supporting Luke Wilson's family in a day of remembrance for all our fallen brothers and sisters and the injustices that still prevail. I call on the selfless in us all to put aside whatever you may deem more important than this and recognise that we must, as a riding community come together united and stand against injustice when it arises. Always remember, it could have been you...
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  17. I will be out of town that weekend. :(

    Hope it's a brilliant turn out.
  18. Count me in. Will probably be going either Beach road or the Nepean Hwy and over the Bolte Bridge to the Tullamarine fwy about 9-9.30 am. See you at the start.
  19. Can someone post a link to more info on the situation? First time I've heard of Luke and the court case...
  20. I'll be there.