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Remapping Honda ECU

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by zxparker, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    Spoke with someone at Redwing yesterday about getting a 07 600RR dyno tunned. I was advised that unlike the Suzuki and Yamaha you are unable to remap the bike without a power commander. True or False?

    I have a friends who says he can get his Suzuki done +/- 10% but want to know if you are able to do the same with the Honda without spending the big cash on the power commander??

  2. There is very little adjustment you can do to most fuel injected bikes without a PowerComdr or similar black box addon. Normally it's just one screw to adjust, with a PC you get a spread of 3 settings to increase/decrease. They (PC or similar) are not required to get your bike running nice, but are required to get ultimate power out of it.
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  4. Sadly you're right. Honda provide no facility to remap their fuel injection units, so you're stuck having to buy a $500 PC3 and pay another $200 to dyno-tune and adjust the map to suit whatever setup you're running.


    It would cost Honda SFA to provide something like Suzuki do.
  5. Does anyone know of any units I can buy to do the same for a Suzuki?

    You have piqued my interest!
  6. You don't need a PC for a Suzuki. Most injected Suzukis as I understand give you the ability to crudely adjust the mapping without any special tools. Take your bike to PTR or another suzuki specialist with a dyno and gas analysier and get them to fiddle with it for you.
  7. sorry to hijack the thread zxparker,
    I have done some research, and it seems that Suzukis use flash eproms, which means that they can be reflashed at any time (non-voloatile, so you don't lose the info when power is cut off)
    There is a unit called the TEKA SFI, that plugs in and allows on the fly changes to be made by 1000 rpm increment, in all variables.
    Will investigate that now.
  8. I got quite excited when I looked at their site and saw photos of a couple of Ducatis, only to find that they don't support Dukes at all :(
  9. if you get the HRC ecu, you can re-map that but a PC3 is much cheaper and easier to use. It's only down fall is that you only get to adjust one bank of injectors where as with the HRC box, you can do all 8. But thats only necessary if you have done some major mods.
  10. Thanks guys... A little sad I must say, but thats that I guess... I will have to save the dollars and see if I want to go that way. Very happy with the bike at the moment and dont really need to spend this kind of cash I dont think...

    Must admit I did get excited when the guy at Redwing made mention of 112 horses at the rear wheel, but not to be...
  11. Keep an eye on the fx site. YOu could probably pick up a cheap second hand PC3 at the end of the year.
  12. Can get a PC3 landed in Aus from US for $320 or so... Its not al that bad...