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relocating my Noobie questions, beginner itching for bike...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by shonofear, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. hey,
    felt like ive been hijacking few too many threads so want to centralise my thoughts and questions about my motorbike beginnings with you all.
    just to update you all...

    RE P's
    70kg ish (ups and downs)

    budget $2500-3000 on road if possible, plus need gear...

    At this stage looking at anything in that price range but rather like the naked/sporty bikes.

    Suzuki GSF250V Bandit
    Yamaha FZX250 Zeal
    Honda Hornet 250
    Honda VTR 250
    Honda Spada

    Insurance: can i get away without it until got myself a job again, or get it straight away?

    Gear Questions:

    Jacket: can i just get away with a pretty basic leather cheaper jacket or should i fork out the coin straight for a $300+ pro jacket?
    fashion and looks do play a part for me and not sure if they got good looking pro jackets, dont wanna look all sporty etc.

    Helmets: $200 ? what brand always get new, 2nd hand seems mmm smelly

    Gloves: $30 ?

    Yes i still need to do more homework for gear, spent too much time looking at bikes at this stage.

    It's now been like few months since doing the Q-ride and im getting nervous about taking a bike for a test ride thinking i might stack it do something stupid. So any words of confidence for me as i really want to try out the 250 Hornet at Gold Coast Hinterland Motorcycles on Saturday, (hoping most business will be shut so less traffic)
    Will I need to provide my own helmet? i dont have one.
    I actually dont have any gear gloves or jacket, would i be silly riding without any of these?

    Currently living with a flat mate who also shares my mad desire for bikes (did our Q-ride together) and we always see each other back online looking, starting to become obsessive compulsive.
    But hes 100kg and needs more power but only likes cruisers on budget so hes sorta limited which is killing him.
    Hes found a bike in Vic that has really taken his eye, and ive also found a few 250's in Vico.
    Being both super Noobs when it comes to bike knowledge would it be pretty crazy/silly to fly down and hope the bike is like that picture shows and ride home as dead set leaners?

    Just a few questions at this stage.
    Thanks all
  2. Welcome!

    Ok, lots to cover...

    Firstly, does QLD have the LAMS scheme or are you confined to a 250cc bike? If it has LAMS this opens up your possibilities. You may think a 250 is a sports bike, but it's not despite the looks.

    Helmetl: All helmets have to meet the same standards here, what you will pay more for is comfort, fit, etc. Spend as much as you can afford, but make sure the helmet first you well. Not kinda, sorta, hurts around my ears, but it's fine, make sure it fits. Different brands have different shapes on the inside try different ones out.

    I wouldn't buy a second hand helmet...

    Can you afford to ride without insurance? Sure, if you don't crash. Likewise for gloves, boots, jacket.

    Are you likely to crash? Stats say yes.

    Test rides: You'll be very unlikely to get one from a dealer. Or anyone for that matter. You can get an experienced rider to take it for a spin though.

    Basic leather jacket, basic gloves & some stout lace or zip up boots would be a minimum I reckon, (tuck your laces into your boot if you have them) when you get more experienced you can work out where the risk is & what you can get away with. Slip on boots & sneakers are less than useless because they won't stay on in a crash.

    Jacket: $300 odd for a simple one with some armour (back & elbows, possibly shoulder)
    Gloves: $50 ish.
    Boots: no idea...

    It's coming into winter, you might want to get some winter gloves for now, then get some summer ones when the weather clears up. Likewise with the jacket, if you're riding in the rain a lot a textile jacket might be more comfortable, but they don't have the strength of leather when you're sliding down the road.

    If the bike is interstate, you may be able to get one of the members here to have a look for you.

    Hope that helps, good luck!
  3. And of course don't forget about pants and boots, since as a newbie it's your legs/feet that are more likely to be injured than anything else (ie pinning yourself between the bike and road).

    As for riding back to QLD, not a good idea. Riding requires a hell of a lot more effort and concentration than driving (especially when inexperienced) so unless you were planning on taking several weeks for the trip it's just asking for trouble. There's also the problem of the amount of servicing the bike might require along the way (again bikes are very different to cars, especially old cheap 250s!). Far better to just get it transported.
  4. No helmet will get you to the first cop that see's it, Fine, no licence, Not good,
    Helmet, = Brand new, You never know whats been in a second hand one,
    Definately gloves,
    El cheapo leather jacket will do for the time, Not a vinyl look alike,
    Boots or shoes all the time,
    Your not young, So ride with common sense,
    Put a thread on here, Some one in Vic might look at the bike for you.
  5. yes it does, can go to 650cc, though pricer for more cc's.

    Did you mean altogether no test ride, or no test ride without gear? as in they wont provide helmet/gloves

    Wow, really, you guys are too kind if this is true. i can always post the link to the bikes for opinions.

    heck yea, ta
  6. Mmm k, will go searching for gear now.
    Yea think way to many cons for a big ride home at this stage.
  7. Good point JD, kevlar lined jeans are a good way to go for general riding, not to dear either.

    Test rides, I doubt you'll get one at all being a learner. See if you can get an experienced friend to do it for you.

    Research some of the bikes on the LAMS list & see what you like the look of/can get cheap/ etc. It really does open up a lot of options for you.

    250's are generally over priced for what they are because you used to have to start on one.
  8. well rang this bike up today.
    has been unridden for last few years though (garaged), she reckons only needs new exhaust as current one has a hole in it or something $300- bucks or something.
    plus maybe other bits n pieces for RWC
    a chick owned it (stopped riding because of baby) and her husband also rode a R1 bike, so he serviced it regularly.
    looks pretty cool
  9. Looks like a reasonable deal. Most Zeals I've seen have usually been around the 2.5-3k mark with rego/RWC.

    Only real advantage to a larger LAMS bike is not having to rev them as much. Of course if you like revs then a 4-cylinder 250 is awesome fun - even without braking the speed limit :).
  10. Actually I have my Provisionals just incase you thought I only had my L's.
    So should be able to test ride yea?
    Find out tomora anyway fellas,
    cheers an ave a good weekend.
  11. nice jacket, i may be slightly if not same size as you though.
    having look at another jacket in next few days, but will let ya know if im still interested.

    Well, found another bike to check out this week.
    A 1991 Suzuki Bandit 250 (GSF i believe)
    recent service but hasnt been ridin much in last 6-8 months
    had a carby rebuild few years back as was running groggy and jets changed, i think bigger as the owner was using it for hway riding to work, 80kms each way i believe. he says should be cheap to put smaller ones back in as for riding around town may be to rich/more revs needed so dosent stall.
    new head gasket when carby was done, tires/brakes good
    hes got heaps of gear want to sell off as well, but hes 6'2 :(
    said would do a massive package deal with reg/rwc/gear just so he dosent have to advertise etc. heres the link of the bike.

    any thoughts/advice?
  12. Obviously a grey import, and obviously been repainted at some point.
    You can therefore ignore the odometer reading as the real kms could be anything. The fact they've had to rebuild the carbs at least once and replace the head gasket suggests the real mileage may be well in excess of 47k.

    That said if you can get it for a good price it might not be too bad an option, especially if they've already fixed all the things likely to go wrong with it in the near future. Of course if you're not that mechanically adept it'd be well worth getting it inspected professionally - or at the very least offer up a slab for an experienced NR to check it for you :).
  13. Don't buy someone elses nightmare.
    I doubt a bike would pass inspection with a hole in the muffler. And why would a bike be sitting in the shed for ages ???
    If I was selling one I would make sure it was running well. So if it's not there's a good chance it wont. EVER.
    There are so many bikes out there for sale. Wait for a good one to come to you or your riding experience will suck.
    Definitely get a new helmet. Everything else can be second hand. You cant live without a head. Or not worth living if your helmet fails.
    Motorcycling is not cheap as much as people with disagree with me. And trying to do it on the cheap will only cost you more in the long run.
    Buy one from where you are going to be living. It will cost you around $500 to transport it. And I would rather put that into the bike.
    Patience is the key.
  14. reporting in.
    still waiting patiently for the right bike at the right price to come up and pref locally as seems to much of a Hasselhoff to get it shipped up.
    Yea super bummed the cheap Bandit got sold before me, that Zeal still havent looked at mainly cause want a bike that can be ridden away good to go.
    So... rang old mate from Hinterland Moto's last week saying if a Spada/Zeal/Bandit comes through at the price of around $2000-$3000 max and he called with news of a 89 Spada with 87kms on the odomo!!!
    he says $2400- ride away 6 months REGO, ill have a looksy tomora but am so hesitant bout that many k's on bikes.
    have missed a few good sales due to stupidity and the case of newbieness.
    and to make me wanna bike all the more, me flat mate got his V Star 250 and keeps telling me stories how good it is etc. stole it for a ride other nite though :p
    but hes also saying he wants more power already...

    cheers fellas