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Relining helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Abo Bob, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. I have a friend who wants to reline her dad's old helmet to use. Is this possible?

    Is there anyone is Sydney who does this?
  2. I guess you could replace the fabric liner...but the main part of the helmet (the part that absorbs any impact can’t be…and im guessing if the inner fabric is at the point it needs to be replaced…the rest of the helmet is too old and should be replaced anyway…no point having an old helmet that don’t do its job….even if it looks new inside
  3. anyone got a non mum&dad answer to this?

    someone in Sydney must be able to reline the foam and fabric. like an upholsterer. maybe even a custom interior workshop for cars?
  4. Only if they're dodgy enough to be f*&king around with an AS approved item. Why not get Hardware store to replace your brake lines with garden hose fittings while you're at it.

    I can understand someone having a sentimental attachment to an old helmet but really for something that could well mean the difference between life and death it's just not worth it. Helmets do degrade over time and the technology of helmet construction has also improved considerably (and continues to improve). Far better to just get a glass display case for the old helmet and leave it in there.
  5. If you're really determined to do something so daft, there are several firms in the US who sell "refurbished" vintage helmets and who might be able to do the job.

    Try looking through the ads in The Horse, Backstreet Chppers magazine.

    Ironically, I'd expect the cost of any work to be likely to meet or exceed the cost of a new, AS helmet that might actually do some good.

    But yeah, the place for an old lid with sentimental value is in a glass case, not on your head.

    And that's from a man who, unusually, doesn't consider riding bareheaded on occasion to be particularly suicidal.
  6. If the helmet is that old / worn to need the liner replaced then replace the helmet.

    Considering they would need adhesive to stick it on and the wrong type can eat the foam, it's just not worth it.
  7. i use a M2R GP1 Prodigy white and gold but i have a spare helmet that i alternate with sometimes when i feel like wearing something different.

    i have a XR1000 Diabolic Revelation 08 model for 550. there's only paint chipped wen it dropped from a few steps of my apartment stairs. The integrity of the helmet is in fine nick.
  8. Oh my god. Brain flash.
    Contact the manufacturer.

    If they aren't in business, the helmets too old. Buy a new one.

    Custom re-upholstering is going to cost more than a new cheapie.
  9. well old bell helmet keeps the old bell helmet on the workbench. stuck it on for sh_ts and giggles a while back and as i did the straps up one snapped off and the other half went.