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Religious Much?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by lowercase, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/-/newshome/7420322/girl-smothered-by-religious-fanatic-mother/

    I would like to know what she ends up getting sentenced to...

  2. i wish i hadn't read that :(
  3. she's mentally ill, it was'nt intended...terribly sad.
  4. my dad has bi-bolar and he never sat on me, this woman is just using it as an excuse so she doesn't get thrown in a cage with rabid dogs
    (if she's convicted of infanticide and locked in gen-pop she'll be murdered and i whole-heartedly agree she should be)
  5. Bipolar is far removed from a full on psychosis.
    what failed here was the system, the mother was supposedly being observed but obviously not enough.
  6. yep. i've heard of similar cases before, some mentally ill parents, some drug addicts. the person watching the parent can only do so much, the action of removing the child must be handled by certain people and often they don't bother getting off their collective asses until it's too late. and them comes the public outcry that they didn't do anything, they reply with some well rehearsed political bullshit standing in their way and then it happens again in a few months to someone else.
    the system is a joke. most "systems" are
  7. i'm sure she agrees too.

    nah, the article does mention psychotic episodes... it is quite possible she was'nt aware of what she was doing... it happens, post natal depression never diagnosed, mental condition deteriorates, religous ****tards don't seek out professional help.. tradgedy for all concerned.
  8. (Expanding on/explaining that) If she was diagnosed in 1995, that means she's had 15 years to work on management skills/methods. So (in my opinion) she shouldn't have reached to point of psychosis. If she did, it was due to a failure -or multiple failures- on her part. Ultradian cycling does exist, but for various reasons I doubt it was involved in this case. Short version: whether she was psychotic or not, it is her fault.

    As someone who has Bipolar Disorder*, this sort of thing is even worse. It reinforces misunderstandings, stereotypes (not positive ones, either), and generally serves to maintain the current stigma. Which doesn't make my life easier :?. And since a large fraction of people suffer from a mental health problem at some point (depression, anxiety, stress related stuff...), it actually has a negative effect on everyone, if only because people are less likely to reach out for help when they are suffering from health problems (which is a very bad thing, with social+economical+other costs).

    *Type II, which means my 'highs' aren't as extreme as one can get with Type I (hypomania, as opposed to full mania). Over the long term, both are considered similarly debilitating.

    EDIT:Since I've gone and mentioned my health: aside from/despite some sleep problems, I'm pretty much fine at the moment, having become quite stable over the past couple of months or so. After... *thinks* ..years of rapid cycling (more than four cycles per year, in my case I was rarely 'normal' for long), this is definitely an improvement.

    [/PR mode 8-[]
  9. you make a very good case Mr. Kohhop.. and have changed my opinion.
    we can only speculate on a small slab of text, but i suspect what ailed her was somewhat more than bi-polar dissorder, which as you've mentioned is a very common condition... she may have been misdiagnosed originally and probably sought help from jesus instead of ongoing treatment...
    i take from her police statement no attempt to hide what she did... i assume her brain is broken and she's not aware she's done wrong.
    however, she and the people responsible for monitoring her, were aware prior to the unfornunate event that her brain was malfunctioning... and, so Mr. Kohhops verdict stands.
  10. There is - there can be - no excuse for what she did. But if you've not experienced mental illness, and can't imagine how such a thing could have happened, can I suggest you count yourself lucky and be grateful.
  11. You misunderstood me, I think. Since I have little reason to believe otherwise, I assumed she has only bi-polar. I was saying that, "I have bipolar." does not excuse her, it simply condemns her as negligent rather than malevolent. And only a few percent of the population have bipolar disorder, so I wouldn't describe it as common.

    She wouldn't have had control during the mania, but she did have/should have had control over whether or not the situation arose. If all else failed (and there is plenty one can do before that point is reached), she should have checked herself in to a hospital. And its worth mentioning that mania is almost always succeeded by a longer period of depression (so anyone who has had it a while should damn well know that its in their best interests to treat it as early as possible).

    EDIT: I'll attempt an analogy: if you know your tires are wearing pretty thin, go for a ride anyway, and come off because they ran out of traction, or blew out, or whatever, are you going to claim it was the tires' fault? You knew the problem was there, you knew the potential consequences, you knew how to deal with it, and you did nothing.
  12. She would have more than bipolar surely, Schizophrenia comes to mind.
  13. Nope, psychotic symptoms -hallucinations (tactile, visual, smell, auditory) and delusions (lots of flavours)- can occur during mania. There is also psychotic depression, which is rarer.
  14. manic must be a total biatch. depression is bad enough.
  15. She had to do it, otherwise this:

  16. If she is unwell then I hope she gets treatment and it should never been allowed to go this far, but how you stop it I don't know.

    If she is guilty I hope she gets everything she deserves.
  17. Well said Matti
  18. Yeah, I dunno. Like I said, there is no excuse for doing that.

    However, she will live with this for the rest of her life. I certainly pity her.
  19. I think some of you may have missed the fact the BOTH parents appear to have a mental illness that could lead to violence. Given this, why weren't the children temporarily removed so the parents could be assessed?
  20. because the system is not well funded for this sort of thing plus it's become a "politically incorrect/correct" system