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reliablility - have u been lucky?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. I thought i knew about cars and what to pick for potential/previous problems with second hand cars......btu i still got caught out a few times over the decades.

    when i decided to buy my first motorbike, all i knew was from forums like this askign questions. i had no feel for what to look for. i couldnt test ride anything without a licence. so when the time come to buy my first mbike, i got my chick (who had a full license) to test a few bikes.

    so i bought a 2007 250cc kawasaki eliminator, with 5000kms on the clock.

    so a year later and 8000kms added

    brakes 100%
    engine 100%
    frame/bling 100%
    only rear tyre getting worn now

    i never had a vehicle of any kind, that has been so reliable. is this typical of kawaski? have you ever been caught out, with a lemon?
  2. Surprisingly I've been caught out with a lemon of Suzuki SV650. Since then I've never treated those recommendations as gospel. On the other hand I've had three italian bikes that have been absolutely reliable, despite all the well intentioned warnings.
  3. a year and 8000 kms isn't much on a modern bike. 250s are light on brakes and tyres too.
  4. I broke a camshaft (snapped it clean in 1/2 between cyl 3 and 4) while starting my 600 gixxer a few years ago.. This was on a bike that was 12 months old and about 30000k's.. Was replaced under warranty eventually.. Considered that bike a lemon

    However, I didn't learn my lesson and went and bought another gixxer but a 1000 this time.. Purchased it when it was 2 years old and had 2048k's, now 8 years later with 110000 k's and no issues
  5. Only ever owned shitboxes and 20kms year or more old bikes. Never had one in a situation where I couldn't get it home aside from a puncture in the rear which I still managed to fix after it spent a few days on the road side. :D
  6. I bought my first bike from Sumoto...
  7. I have a DR650, it's been very reliable so far, but it's not very old and only 10,000 kms. It's a bike that's renowned for long term reliability.
  8. haha. glutton for punishment. how did it go?
  9. ...it then proceeded to explode over a dozen times
  10. My early bikes failed a bit - but for points ignition, touchy carburettors but mostly untutored maintenance (or lack of it) by a young chap (me) and so on.

    1980s bevel drive Ducati 900s? Epic failure to proceed!!

    BMWs - owned 8, ridden about 250,000km on them, never had a failure to proceed save one incident of water (accumulated) in the fuel tank (very quick fix), and once a mate left the parking lights on an EFI machine (NRMA started him). Even broke a fuel cap but was able to bodgy one on the spot until a warranty replacement 1500km from home. Quite a few 'service bulletins' (BMW for a quiet recall program) but never stuck anywhere.

    Keeping the service schedule probably makes a big difference, as does doing new tyres / oil / brake pads / inspection before a big ride. I run a charity run for mostly once-a-year guys and it ain't the newness / low kms of the bikes, it's whether they've been serviced properly (like replacing fluids on age as well as km) - ngelected low km bikes do break down. It's painfully expensive to keep my (only) 10,000km a year tourer in full service, but it runs perfectly for it - too many vehicles means nothing ever gets to its full distance based service schedule!
  11. I think that is counted as extremely reliable for a bike purchased there.
  12. that sumota guy hounded me, for days trying to get me to buy one of his bikes (from an agent he has in adelaide). he told me his bikes are 'brand new' from japan. i said that how can they be 'brand new' if they all listed as 20,000kms, and they stopped making honda VT custom in 2001?

    he said they are recycled and have all new components. 'so they are second hand' i said...

    'no they are technically brand new', he stated.
  13. I found the trick with buying 2nd hand bikes or cars is to find an owner that is enough of an enthusiast that they want to look after their equipment, and more importantly KNOW how to look after their equipment, but not the kind who will run their equipment into the ground. Ive only ever owned turbo cars and never had major issues.
  14. Have I been lucky? Well put it this way, I had a Aprillia SXV that didn't grenade and a Honda VFR that got towed twice.
  15. +1 agreed.

    I bought my first bike (2007 VTR) from a rider who was the partner of a rider who showed up on the bike with 3 other riders etc......'nuff said (y)
  16. My CBR250R from Sumoto, the fuel pump leaked, the starter motor seized, the chain was on it's way out, it overheated (the thermostat was bent)...the start clutch needed replacing.
  17. Four members of my extended family all went through their plates on the same GZ250, which then gave some solid years as my commuter. Never had a problem.

    I had an RS250 that was an absolute hoot for the two days that it worked. Gave it back under dealer warranty after a couple of weeks of faffing about.

    The SV650 that came next had a few electrical problems, but they seemed to have calmed down now. I gave the bike to my dad and it's still going strong.

    Touch wood, no problems with my current ride apart from a dead battery (my fault) and a seized rear brake (mechanic's stuff-up).
  18. you must have been really riding hard all the time track days and the like, if not you were really unlucky GSRX are a reliable and generally bullet proof
  19. I'm on my third road bike now and have had great luck so far.

    My L's bike was a CBX250. My old BMX had wider tyres. Unbelievably gutless but incredibly reliable. Never let me down.

    First real bike was a 2000 CBR600F and I cannot fault it, I'd still be riding it if I hadn't gone on an off road excursion. Now I'm on the VFR750, and from everything I've read about these motors I'm guessing it will be running long after I'm not.
  20. G'day everyone,...

    Only had the 2 bikes,..

    1st was my CB250,... Baught 2nd hand with around 12,000k's
    Gave as presant to sister when she got licence with around 88-89,000k's on the dial. still ran like new,... absolutly reliable! Serviced like clockwork.

    2nd bike new CBR1000rr 06mod.
    Also serviced like clockwork.
    Never missed a beat, never coughed, never spluttered, bullet proof.
    Just done 72,000k major service

    Yeah I've been lucky, never had a bad car, bike, anything so far.

    Dr Who?