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Reliable Servicing in Shire/St George Area?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by lats, May 24, 2012.

  1. Hi all, I just bought my first bike, mid life crisis appears to be kicking in early.

    I'm looking for a recommendation for a good mechanic in the St George area, or the Shire.

    I have a 91 Revere.

    Going down to Sydney performance Motorcycles this arvo to have a yarn to them. Does anyone have any feedback on their servicing ability and cost?



  2. I went to Caringbah motorcycles for a while. I no longer work down that way so I don't go there anymore, but the mechanics there seemed pretty good and affordable.
  3. I was riding past Caringbah Motorcycles the other day, it looks like the shop has closed, no bikes out the front and it looked empty, not sure about the workshop though.
  4. Oh shit, I liked those guys, they always looked after me. I feel bad I stopped going there now but it was out of the way and I've got a good shop up the road from where I live. That is a shame.
  5. SPM or RB are both good. I have had work done by both. RB are a bit more expensive.
  6. Scott's at Rockdale are professional, but a little pricey and usually booked solid.
    Don't go anywhere near SCM at Kogarah...
  7. I think the guy who ran Caringbah Motorcycle Centre is still in business, but only doing servicing, I think from another location. I chatted with him at Breakfast Torque at Loftus a few months ago. Maybe check the window of the shop and see if he's posted a re-direct? Or try his phone number, http://www.caringbahmotorcycles.com.au/contact.html
  8. went past Scotts the other day. CLOSED DOWN. don't know if moved or finished??????
  9. The guy with afew stumpy fingers? His a really good bloke.
  10. Wow, really? I'm having dinner at Rocksia tonight so I'll check it out...
    I never understood why they moved into cafe racers and race bikes to be honest, but I thought the workshop was busy enough to keep them going.
  11. Mitchells' Motorcycles on the Princes Hwy at Kirrawee are thorough (http://mitchellsmc.com/). SPM is good too.
  12. Thanks guys some great feedback so far. Went to SPM today to get a quote. Their customer service is good, hopefully their bike service is equal. They also give a loan bike if you make a booking.

    I might give the guy at Kirrawee a call too and see what he has to say

    Thanks again
  13. They operate from: 5/73 Willarong road, Caringbah NSW 2229. Just a down Willarong road form their previous showroom.


    I just had my bike serviced there last month. Steve is the owner.

    Good luck
  14. Used to take a bike to Caringbah Motorcycles. Was good. Had a friend get an emergency tyre plug done and was no problem. They're flexible and friendly. Never felt I was getting ripped off going there.