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Reliable service centre - Melb western suburbs

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by force10x, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. The w800 is coming up for its first service soon.

    Any recommendations for a good service centre/workshop in the Western suburbs (hoppers crossing, Laverton area)?
    (Bought the bike from a Kawasaki dealer in Queensland)

    Or should I go to Sixty Degrees in Notting Hill asthey are closer to where I work?

    Thanks guys.
  2. Contact Jayson from JMS Tuning ( sunshine ) . He looks after my kwaka and always been happy with his fantastic service !
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  3. Thanks BeeBee

    Prefer a Kawasaki dealer so I don't void the warranty on the bike.

    DonJuanDonJuan have you serviced your bike at Matt Jones?

    Any specific contact there?

  4. This is not the case even though dealers would have you believe it to be true. The ACCC has ruled that all that is required is that it is a professional mechanic and that dealers can't lock you to their network alone.
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  5. As per cjvfrcjvfr post .. i bought my z300 in march brand spanking new from the dealership and all my servicing has always been done by Jayson . You dont have to go to a kawasaki dealer for service and it wont void your warranty .Hope this helps :)
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  6. Thanks cjvfrcjvfr and BeeBee
    So I guess #9 in the attached image, which is a page from the Kawasaki warranty handbook is void and null?

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  7. +1 for Matt Jones, bought my CB400 from them. Nice guys!
  8. I cant find the actual link to the specific Act on ACCC website but this is taken directly from their bulletin .

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  9. nice. thanks for that :)
  10. You forgot to tell him that it has to be serviced exactly on the kms otherwise it will blow up:p
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  11. +1 for JMS
  12. I'm worried about that ticking sound at 950 km.
    I calculated the kms to the service centre. Exactly 1000 kms to the door.

    Should be safe. I think.
  13. Any of the guys can help you out, pricing is great and they'll help you source parts or goods too. Talk with Matt or Troy about servicing and if you can't get them, talk to Rich.

    I do get my servicing done there for log book although I got an intermediate done by them as well as I've got a broken finger which makes things slightly interesting when trying to work in the bike.

    I've always found these guys straight up and honest. They could've sold me types once but told me there was no puncture through and it was only superficial. I value honesty.
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  14. Thank you all :)

    The "W" is now with Jayson from JMS Tuning.

    Jayson seems to be top bloke. Can't wait to get the bike back :)

    P.S. Only reason for not going to Matt Jones in Melton was cause of accessibility. JMS Tuning is a 10 min ride with access to public transport.
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  15. I get my bike done by Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings nowadays as they pickup and drop off for free.

    When the bike was going in for repairs they came to my house and picked it up..

    For servicing, they grab the bike from work and drop it off in the arvo, cant complain about that!