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Reliability. What is your UNTOUCHED engine Ks?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Brian26146, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. Let's see about the reliability of our machines.

    Forget about how the bike is ridden as there are too many variables. Leave out machines that race and road ride.

    Brand, Yr, Model, size, Kilometres travelled without surgery

    I'll start.

    BMW, 84, R65LS, 650cc, 62500

    What has yours got?

  2. Honda Hornet 600 (blue of course...)
    1998, done a mere 20,680km......! :shock:
    Weekender since first purchaced (longest ever ride was Sydney to PI).
    Daz. :wink:
  3. bike?
    Kwaka ZX750 87 model...69000 klicks
    and its still good for over double the limit.....
    on the straight at Phillip island :p
  4. suzuki gsxr 1100, 1988 model

    80,000 kms head off for valve stem seals
    and clean up of valve seats ect!!
    [from doing backfire's] .

    110,000km piston kit , cause it was using oil
    and running out of puff
    also 36mm carbs instead off 34mm

    134,000 still running strong and no sign of
    bottom end problems. although did put 1 extra
    steel clutch plate in to stop high rpm clutch slip.
  5. Honda, 1995, VFR750, 117800k's (31000 while in my care)
    Been regularly serviced since 19800k's (I have servicing record going back till then, serviced by the one mechanic all that time)

    My mechanic says he has seen VFR motors with 300000k's that have not had major surgery.

    Recent article in Bike magazine in England had a courier who has done 460000 MILES on a VFR750.

    Two motors in that time, each doing about 200000 MILES each.
  6. 98 Hornet, bought in March '05 with 52,000, now 58,000.

    In the now famous BIKE magazine there was an article about a motorcycle courier in England who had a VFR-750 that had done 800,000 MILES; changed the endgine at 400,000!!!!!!
  7. half right, bro!
  8. 1987 Honda VT250 68000km's and it loves to be thrashed!!!!! :D
    (ride easy on cold oil though) 8)
  9. way off thread I know but I own a bus that has done 1,033,000 ks with the same untouched motor, New clutch at 900,000 and with oil changes at 60,000 k intervals using P.M. oil :roll: :roll:
  10. At the Learner rider course today there were 2 Triumph Sprint ST's there. Both of them owned by the two instructors. One of the them was a 1999 model and had done 177,000kms and had not missed a beat the whole way. According to him it still ran really sweet and had not undergone any major surgery.
  11. 1997 zzr250, full service history 46,000km's. people tell me 'that's high km's for a 250' but get stuffed, it's been looked after so i don't see why it wouldn't last for a long time to come. :)
  12. Honda, 2002, VTR 250cc, 18,800 (not enough!)
  13. No word of a lie;

    Honda CBR250R 1988. 16,000Kms.
  14. 43,000 on the GPX. So far. It'll be pushing 50,000 by the time I sell it (2 months, yay!), without engine work.
  15. my gixxer has 115,000 on the clock, couldn't tell you if its untouched cos i've only done 1000 or so of that :LOL:

    and my GFs XJR400 has 127,000 on the dash, its definately never had any major work done (bought it off a mate that put those kays on it) and its also been a trackbike for a period of time with the guages off. still runs beutifully, quiet and powerfull, no signs of slowing down :D
  16. Suzuki RGV 250R (VJ22-T) :D Built '96, on showroom floor until '98
    Bought from 1st owner with 12,000kms on the clock...now she has 20,500kms (8,500kms in 9 months riding) :D
    Serviced every 5000kms, no rebuild required...yet! :LOL:
  17. Ex cop BMW K1100 158,000km.

    Just run in. :p
  18. fzr250 - 55 000 (and still going but sold - 32 000 of those by me. Only oil, filters, etc changed)

    yzf750 - Sitting at 52 000 (19 000 by me since I've had it - about 8 months now) with no major work by me or previous owner (so I was told). Although I will be exploring the carbies etc. in about another 10 000 k's.