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Reliability of safety gear.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Audible, May 1, 2012.

  1. Out of the last 5 articles of gear I purchased in the past 6 months, I have had to return 4 of them so far to the retailer, all faulty. Really annoying. While the main retailer I deal with is happy to exchange the faulty items, I wonder just how often this happens.
    Is it limited to certain brands or is a country of manufacture issue and the quality has plummeted recently such as being made by 10 year old slaves instead of the usual 12 year olds.

    So I would like to hear about your experiences regarding faulty gear that didn't last the distance.

    My experience over the past 5 years.

    Alpine star.
    4 x gloves. 1 x faulty.
    1 x boots. Still good after one season.
    6 x gloves, 2 x pants, 1 x jacket, 1 x boots. 3 x gloves & 1 pants faulty.
    1 x backpack, 1 x boots. All good.
    1 x jacket. Just finished it's 4th season.
    1 x jacket. About to start it's 6th season.
    1 x jacket. Faulty within weeks.
    2 x gloves, 1 x jacket. All failed. Gloves within weeks, jacket after 3 seasons.

    So out of 24 items in the past 5 years, 9 failed which is 37.5%. Pretty dismal.

    Overall, it's gloves that seem to fail the most for me, either they come apart at the stitching or they leak.
    Boots/shoes seem to be the best, no failures so far.

  2. Don't get me started! :)

    Ok, I'll do a quick run down...

    Issues are widespread these days. Trouble is, the market is being ruined by cheap shit. In order to compete, the big companies now outsource their production to places like China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Tunisia (Dainese closed their Italian factories years ago).

    Now what happens is, leathers are made in mass in big factories by relatively unskilled workers. Now, say if threads in a sewing machine are not equally tensioned, you will get stitching problems, but the person at the machine doesn't care about that because their job is to sew X amount of legs/ seams / suits per day. The same is they don't stitch a seam accurately, as long as it looks ok from the outside, they will get away with it. If they take their time and go slow, constantly checking machine, their output will not reach target and they will find themselves out of a job. Bear in mind, that I'm talking about major brands here, who at least have some forms of quality control...

    If you want a suit made by skilled hands from somebody who will take care and redo it all properly if it's not done right (instead of just bodging over the error) then you have to pay accordingly.
  3. I've always been pretty careful in my choices because, in general I hate crappy stuff AND unlike most I am happy to actually pay more to avoid it.

    So far none of my gear has failed on me.

    There are a lot of companies out there selling really cheap rubbish made in (insert location) under the guise of being "protective clothing", gotta be careful what you choose (hint, if fashion is the primary consideration then your doing it wrong).
  4. The DriRider gloves I've had have been rubbish and made me very glad I didn't crash in them.

    My DriRider jacket lost a lot of peripheral stuff but held up OK structurally for five years, including a fairly serious crash.

    I spent $200 on a pair of Teknic gloves a while ago (yes I could have got them cheaper online but I needed a pair of track acceptable gloves quickly) and have been very unimpressed with how quickly the stitching has started to let go at fairly obvious wear points that are inevitable on a bike. All my Nonamo cheapies have been significantly more durable.

  5. other way around actually - large companies wanted a bigger bottom line so they went in search of cheap labour and shut down in their home countries except for administrative HQ.
  6. Sort of. Definitely profit margins are at the bottom of it all. Some companies (i.e.: FT) started using cheap labour but the bigger companies resisted for a while. Although when they did, they failed to lower their prices accordingly.

    Dainese didn't close the last of their Italian production till about 6 years ago. I've still got an old Italian Dainese one piece in the shop and it looks dated but the quality is really good. And when it comes to leather I'm really fussy.
  7. What RST jacket was it? what went wrong with it?

    I've got a ventilator 2 so I'm curious.
  8. Aware of that. Only brand that I know off that does is tiger angel. But they only do jackets/pants so you still have to find other brands for boots and gloves. No idea what TA gear is worth, I've considered contacting them for a price but the measurements they want....8-[

    Same here. I was wearing dririder summit pro pants & speed jacket on my recent low side. They both held up well.

    Raptor jacket. The stitching around the edges of the external pockets came undone and in the first wet I rode in it leaked, somewhere around the shoulders and water came in thru the front of the jacket past the zip & gutter which was sewn down to allow the water to bridge it.