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Reliability - Honda cbr600f vs Yamaha Yzf 600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Chlowen, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    Looking to upgrade in the coming months, looking at a sports tourer with a bit more emphasis on the sports. Looking at 2 bikes currently, the cbr600f and the yzf600 of the same era. Any one run with one of these, Looking at bike sale websites some of these bikes run into the 100k mark on the clock, so there must be some reliablity in these bikes. Any thoughts, suggestions of others around the same mark.


  2. 2000 CBR600F owner here. So this may be biased.

    The only thing I can fault on this bike is the the stock exhaust and of course my riding lol. :p

    Pretty gentle power down low which is good in the city and plenty of grunt past 5k. It isn't the fastest but it can still leave you with brown jocks when you get stuck into it.

    Ergonomically very comfy bike to ride over a long or short distance, higher clip ons are good for the back and a double bubble screen will stop wind buffeting if you tall like me.

    It's very balanced in the twisties. Suspension is fine, i'm just over 100kg and it still works a treat.

    Here's a pic....... why? coz I can.
  3. 60k kms on the clock of my '98 600f3 and it is still running fine. Treat your bike to regular, good quality fresh oil and it'll last better.
  4. Crazynate, thanks for the review, Port80 good riding, and i agree, I have a 93 GS500 with almost 100k on the clock and is still running strong.

    Thanks Guys