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Relgion A is better than Religion B better than Religion C

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by deyago, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. Go for it.........

  2. God is a DJ

  3. they are all crap, end of thread
  4. Life is a dancefloor
  5. wasn't ablett god ? what relgion is that.
  6. i like religion B. dont ask me why, B just appeals more than A or C. of course, i'm starting to get an urge to create a religion Q, Q is a great letter, and i think it really needs to be represented. and we can all play blackjack and have strippers and smoke cigars :D i like Q
  7. Ablett is God?! Only to die-hard AFL fans

    To the rest of the world... Mr Honda is God! hehe
  8. i always thought Religion A was better, because A comes before B and B comes before C, i think that's how it works.
  9. That's cause Q kept coming up with nifty inventions and devices for James Bond.
  10. More Wars in history have been started due to religion than any other reason.

    Besides if there was a higher being running things would that person let us do what we are doing to the planet?

    My parents had the right idea and have left my religion to me to decide and I chose the "none of the above" box.
  11. Religion A. The first letter and the first of the 5 great vowel. Its pointy as well.
  12. yeah i'll go with Religion Q also...... "Q" was the super being that popped up from time to time in Star Trek Next generation
  13. yeah! good point, does that mean we get to drink martinis and get down with good/evil/undecided hot women in every movie?

    this Q is looking better by the minute :D
  14. B's the best! Ok, ok C's not bad but A, don't get me started on A!!!
  15. "One guy said ‘Dave Clarke is God’. I told him I was an atheist, didn't believe in myself and therefore didn't exist.” (Dave Clarke)
  16. We all know Religion V is by far superior and more torquey.


  17. B is without doubt the best religion, caus B looks like a pair of boobies and i like boobies
  18. "Religion = mind control for the masses" :D