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Released yesterday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Removed_User6, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. Taken from a press release from the State Transport Ministers office this morning:

    We have been working closely, over the last few months with the NSW Police and the National Roads and Motorists Association, looking for ways to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries being sustained by the states motorcyclists.
    The Police figures show that "the contributing factor in nearly all motorcycle accidents is speed and too powerful motorcycles."
    The figures clearly show a reduction in the number of accidents and injuries for Learner riders since the introduction of mandatory rider training before a rider is allowed to ride on the road.
    Following on from these facts, the decision has been made to change the current license structure and introduce a 3rd class of rider license Unrestricted Rider "UR".
    The new license structure is as follows:
    LR - is for Learner Riders and has not changed ie still the same motorcycle restrictions apply.
    R Rider - This class is the natural progression for learners however this class is now restricted to a maximum 600cc's for all sport type motorcycles.
    UR Unrestricted Rider - This is a new class of license that will be required for any rider wishing to ride a sports style bike of greater than 600cc.

    To obtain a Unrestricted Rider (UR) license a rider will have to pay for and attend an approved Advanced Rider Training course.

    This new change to the license structure is to be introduced on the 1st of September 2005 and within 12 months of its introduction ALL persons currently riding sport type motorcycles greater than 600cc MUST have completed this course.

    The minister states that the revenue generated from the training and the new licensing scheme will be used to promote better motorcycle awareness and safety throughout Australia.

    Furthermore, it is believed that this is a world first and the states believes it will be setting a standard in motorcycle safety that will be followed not only nationally but internationally.
    (pinched from another site)
  2. I'm now on R (restricted licence). I think its a good idea to have this new class 'Unrestricted Rider'. 250cc is moved up to 600cc for restricted licence, and a mandatory advanced riding course for over 600cc. Everything sounds right about it. New licenced riders can enjoy a little more with 600cc, but controlled enough so they don't become a smear on the road if they want the 1100cc beasty.

    If they do want to upgrade to a higher powered motorcycle, they do an advanced course to get 'more' roadcraft skills, and a chance to revise safety knowledge.

    I bet though, enforcing it would be as hard as before (checking riders if they are on restricted licence or not), but it does give a message that higher powered motorcycles pose significant risk for untrained/unskilled/unexperienced motorcyclists.
  3. ah ya sneaky bastard, this isn't your late april fools is it :LOL:
  4. What? Always try to find some other ways to get your money!!!! Greedy goveronment!!!

    and........... what the..... it start on 1 Sept 05!!!! I will have my restricted licence off on 22 Sept 05!!!!!!!!

  5. Ah well, I don't plan to get any 1000cc bike anytime soon even after when i've over my restricted licence. You going to get a bigger bike vivian? I thought any motorcycle, other than scooters were a little too tall for you :?
  6. Even I can't get a Suzuki Burgman 650cc!!!

    It's a scooter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the.............
  7. I think anyone with a bike over 600cc , they better sell it ASAP when not many people know about that! Otherwise price will drop a lot, if someone fail to get a Full licence or not able to do that course!
  8. I honestly dont know for 100% but i think its a hoax .
    i looked up media releases from nsw minister for transport and couldnr find it and the relaese came out on the other site after midnight so I am guessing its a april fools job
  9. They make 600+cc scooters?!? :shock:

    I thought scooters would be at most 250cc. How fast does that burgman 650 go?
  10. Yes, at the moment, the biggest scooter in the world still Suzuki Burgman 650cc, they go similar to the 650cc touring sport bike, it's can be switch to manual as well, like trironic for car!

    Most of the scooters now a day, they seem to make 50cc, then 125/150cc or 400cc/ 500cc for the same model, or 50cc, then 100/125cc, or 250cc/ 500cc for same model.
  11. Hoax or not, its a NSW thing so doesn't worry the Victorians. We have to worry about FNP, WRB and $50 levy as state concerns (WRB is probably a national thing).

    If it is true looks like NSW is doing a better job of looking after their riders that the money grubbing Vicroads/Vic Government is.

    Some slight mis-givings but sounds to me like a great idea and the same model should be applied to Drivers as well. It acts upon what everyone keeps saying about how to improve safety for riders......getting more Training out there to both riders and hopefully drivers as well.
  12. Personally, I think its a great idea, even if it only acts as a deterent to squids and "boulevard racers".

    I've just done the Stay Upright Advanced riders course at Baskerville raceway (yesterday), and thoroughly recommend it to anyone, regardless of the type/size of bike you want to ride.
    I learnt so much (and it's a really FUN day)

    I also reckon these courses/rules should apply to all road users, not just bikes/scooters. All road users need to do a pre learners, pre P's course. Then an "advanced" course to buy a certain type of vehicle.
    It would be the ideal way of saving P plate skyline/monaro etc drivers from themselves. Not to mention "just off their P's" R6 riders.

    Policing could be an issue, but no more is required than random license/rego checks, which could be done at the same time as RBT's.

    It makes a lot more sense the FNP, which can only be a revenue raising device.

  13. I know that there's stuff in the works to restrict P platers to a certain engine size or power/weight ratio.

    Sounds like a Bloody Good Idea to me.