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Released to the Public.. Time to buy online

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by jirf88, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. As some of you may remember sometime in August I was in need of a new phone. Well I still am. Because I was waiting for this one to be released by what apparently passes as a telco down here. Suffice it to say that I was somewhat irritated when this announcement was made today.

    Rage. If this was going to be the case why not just tell me so and I'd have imported it ffs [/irrational rant]

    So looks like I'll be buying online. Because to hell with waiting for Hardly Normal to get them in stock. So the question is, has anyone here bought a phone from the interwebz before? Any comments are appreciated, but Im most interested in anyone who has been unfortunate enough to have to send it back for a warranty service, and if it was a pain in the proverbial.

    Cheers all!
  2. Buy an iPhone :LOL:
  3. Dammit Vic! I hope the fires at the bottom of the pit of mindless consumerism warm the place where your soul used to be.
  4. My last couple phones have come from ebay.. sometimes a little scratched up, but they work just the same

    My only advice is do not buy a phone from overseas unless you know what you're doing. The frequency band they use is different to ours and will not pick up any signal.
    I can't remember what Australia's networks use, but if you look it up, and match it to one listed online then there shouldnt be an issue.

    PS: don't get an iPhone :p they smell

  5. You did who with the what now?
  6. I don't mind being able to choose a phone then going to the carriers and saying: "I've got a phone, now let's see what sort of plans you can tempt me with."

    More complication but less real choice has gone beyond a joke the last few years. This is one less way for the telcos to baffle you with nonsense.
  7. Lies. Do not buy Locked O/S phones.

    GSM and 3G(WCDMA) are all standard, excluding NextG. Certain Countries Actually Require Higher Spec than Australia, and Some Phones Are Network specific.

    GSM Bands

    Australia Utilise 850(NextG) 900 1800 2100(3G)
    Japan Uses 1700(A Certain Phone company Specific) and 2100

    and on and on Hong Kong uses the same Frequency's as us

    heres a link to help you out.


    not a bad price really
  8. Or.. don't buy a locked phone at all ever from anywhere (y)
    Not worth the hassle

    I only meant with the frequencies as I once went to Japan and found my phone didnt work.. Australia's dual band and triband dont match Japan, but quadband (WCDMA) does
    So I figured some countries might have frequencies incompatible with Australia.

    This was before 3G existed too.. so more countries may be using the same frequency