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Relaxing Ride- No clocks.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bigwheels, May 18, 2016.

  1. One of my favourite ways to ride is too cover up the speedo/tacho/ clock etc......... and just ride! I`m always surprised how much time we spend looking for information instead of watching the road. Without the distractions I can just enjoy the ride and the road and come home a lot lore relaxed.
    Great for roads well know

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  2. Good point

    You can also come home a few dollars poorer due to speeding fines........
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  3. I like this 'at one with the motorcycle' riding style but must agree with GeorgeOGeorgeO as I need the reminder to slow down otherwise I will get in the zone and speed will continue to creep up.
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  4. Yes, pays to pick your day/time/place carefully. Even just getting rid of all the clocks/watches helps. Lovely to ride all day without the concept of time interfering.
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  5. Haven't seen you on the board for a long time, mate, how are you doing????
  6. I wouldn't find it very relaxing not knowing my speed. But then I'm in Victoria.
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  7. Does this count? Moms bday present :).
    But I have no clock on my bike and I do love that :)
  8. Forgot the photo :)

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  9. Me too, just depends "where" in Victoria. I`ve been riding for 35 years and cover the clocks on a semi regular basis.
  10. :cool:
    Life and riding has been getting in the way of the Keyboard!
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  11. Don't you mean:
    Relaxing ride- No cops?