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Relaxed sports bike ergonomics

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by panza83, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. As per the thread title, im wondering about the relative ergs of, say post 2004 sports bikes, and which has the most upright position (with upright being a relative term here).

    My impression was that GSX-Rs were the most relaxed, but then im sure that there have been changes year to year between models. So in that year range, which would the most upright geometry? 600 or litre bike, i dont care, and before you tell me nakeds, im looking at these bikes as an alternative to nakeds.

  2. I've only rode sportsbikes apart from my LAMS bike years ago. I know you hear a lot about user friendliness, riding ergonomics, etc. I actually believe if you ride long enough on any sportsbikes your body will "adapt" to the bike over time. You'll get used to it and won't feel uncomfortable the more you ride. Just to give you an idea, recently I was given a courtesy bike when I took mine in for a service. I was given a F800GS. Immediately I felt very uncomfortable with the higher bars, etc. But after a while I just got more comfortable with it.
  3. Cbr600f4i/f5i is worth a look.
    Most sportsbikes ~2000-2004ish changed to have a more 'hardcore' riding position, leaning over further with lower bars. Eg. 2000-2003 cbr929/954 is fairly moderate in terms of position but the 2004 cbr1000rr's handlebars are a full 2" lower.'

    Apparently the ergos on the 2008+ fireblade are very good and different from previous years, but haven't had the chance to ride one myself or note the difference in bar height.

    I would be interested to know different bar heights of sporties, as I dont think I could live with a bike with bars any lower than on my 900.. makes multi day trips too painful otherwise

    That said, you can always purpose bar risers.
  4. ZX-9's are fairly tall.
  5. Thanks for the input Phiz!
    Evader, I'm not necessarily after a tall bike as such, but upright, not looking so much like im preparing for a rectal exam :D I can JUST flat foot a z1000.
  6. Sorry, should have more clearly said that the handlebars are tall. It's more sports-tourer set up.
  7. To state the obvious it's the relative height of the bars, compared to the seat that determines the angle of your back.

    From my experience - early K-series GSXRs were pretty relaxed, they've become progressively sharper since, although they tend to have a low seat height compared to the alternatives. Current shape R6 (06 on I think) are horrible things day to day. F4s as above pretty good. Daytona pretty extreme, but seems to work somehow (I may be extremely biased on this one though...)

    I sat on a Harley XR1200 a few weeks back and it felt sooooo weird, I wouldn't know how to ride the thing after years on sporties!
  8. First thing that went on my Blackbird was a set of 12 inch risers, I have always rode sitting up and I detest clip ons, I like to ride long distances and clip ons are totally unsuitable for me, They cause aches and pains which are totally unnecessary, Clip ons are good for track bikes, but not good for the road,
    This crap about getting used to clip ons is a farce, You ride a bike to enjoy it, not to be a masochist and put up with the discomforts of weird riding positions.
    I am totally comfortable riding my Bird all day long, even tho the risers look weird on the Bird. It also improves the handling characteristics of my bike tremendously,
    Any one that has sat on my Bird cant believe how comfortable it is,
  9. Pick whatever sports bike you want, and fit a pair of helibars to it!
  10. Heli bars are great but can add $500 to the cost of your bike, then there's the issue of seat height.

    Get your leg over a K5/k6 gixxer, I found mine was very suitable for longer distance riding. Also, don't underestimate bike fitness when it comes to bike comfort.
  11. As stated, all sport bikes are radical in postion, however some people genuinely find them more comfortable than an up right position. You really need to ride a couple. I have had ZX9s and they are very comfortable. I travelled over 80,000ks combined on my 2 ZX9s and they were great. In the city traffice though, any sports bike will mean you most likely have to take your hands off the bars to get a good look beside you. Not ideal.

    You can get used to any riding style as kjkelly said but nicer to have the ideal bike from the start.
  12. Nothing against using risers - I even did it on my ST1100........
    ..... BUT are you seriously saying 12"? or 12cm? I can't imagine what apehangers would look like on a Raven, and I can't imagine that much height increase would help with steering/control.
  13. 12 inch risers, Not Ape hangers, Unless you sit on it you would never know what they are like or how they handle, and theres not too many that stick with me through the twisties, and I am not a knee dragger either.
    And they do look weird on a Blackbird, But they are comfy, and after 600 K's I am still ready to roll after gassing up again.
  14. Hrrrm, I think there are a fair few that stick with you through the twisties ;)
  15. They'd like to overtake, but their vision is obscured by 10 story high risers? :p
  16. I agree, I realise op stated post 2004, but the K1 GSX-R was the most comfy of the GSXR range. Gell type seat standard, plus a bit bigger than the later models. I had a 2001, never had a problem with comfort, although my right hand pinky finger would "fall asleep" from time to time. I would have kept it, but was a bit to full on for me.