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Relax, dammit

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Ljiljan, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. Ok, so been off the bike for a while. Just got it back and went for a bit of a ride. Biggest thing that was throwing me off was the fact that I couldnt relax and just fall into position. Was constantly stiff straight arms and back. Didnt really affect the lines I was taking, but certainly wouldnt let me get a flow/rhythm going.

    Anyone know any quick fix ways of letting yourself loosen up?
  2. Go for a long ride.
  3. It takes time, so don't rush it...give yourself a few weeks and keep your wits about you in the meantime As Smee said...a few long rides help...soon enough you'll get the "feel" back. Meantime be careful with cornering...lest you go straight ahead with stiff arms.
  4. What they both said, and if possible, ride a little each day to avoid getting 'rusty' again....
  5. It's been 2 months since my achilles injury and will be a further 2 months before I'm riding. First thing I'll do is pick a quiet day and go for a long ride to get back into the swing of it, one with a mix of corners and straights but none too taxing.
  6. thanks guys. will plan one soon. advice taken on board.

    Berry/Kangaroo valley next weekend anyone?
  7. I could be convinced... :LOL:
  8. an alternative is to do a training course
  9. im the same as you im new on the bike too, but i think you have to be on more and ride to get more loose on the bike'
  10. Choose a day thats quieter on the roads - around here that would be a Saturday afternoon. Another thing I have learnt with these things is to ride your own ride, go at your own pace, dont be rushed. You'll do fine.
  11. How is that going anyway mate? Hae you been posting in another thread?
  12. Ta Mitch I'll post a full update in a few days.
  13. berry kangaroo valley loop sounds a good idea, was gonna go there anyway but if a few go, i'll tag along too
  14. just a note, lilley has posted a route and ride idea in the saturday morning natio park run thread in nsw ride and events section for those interested in the kangaroo valley idea
  15. try having a wank before getting on the bike :demon:
  16. Try to make it conscious man, if i ever notice i'm putting weight on the wrists, I push my arse back in the seat so i'm more hunched over. Bending the arms makes the core work and it makes you get your kung fu grip in the knees and not arms.

    As the others have said though, keep the rubber rolling and it'll all eventually come back :)
  17. I sat at the tailend, of the kangaroo valley and berry ride on saturday and wouyld say lilley has no worries, he was rolling along great guns through corners
  18. we will have to do another run like this soon, semester is over at the end of the week and my bike needs to be taken out in the hills!!!!
  19. semester over? pfft. hmm, i see a bike in the garage. uni work, what?

    But yeh, run through natio today and felt more settled and faster than ever before. quite happy, thanks guys for help and waedwe & chrome for the ride :bannanabutt: