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Relax buddy.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by glowstix047, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. This happened yesterday when I was on my way to uni. Was having a pretty good day till this happened then the day went from swell to hell pretty quick.

    So if you look at the street view of the google map link i posted up above. I was first in line at the lights, pretty much where the white van was in that street view image but i was still behind the two white lines, so i was hugging the left a bit while on my bike. I hadn't split lanes to get there, i was there first and just waiting for the lights to turn green so i can turn left and head on my own way.

    A white van, one of those ones for work, squeezes in the same lane I'm already at so he is directly to my right so i assume he can get a head start when the lights go off.

    At first I didn't notice him coming up till he stopped to my right. at which point, i turned and looked at him and his passenger. I rolled my eyes cause this is just a disaster waiting to happen one day. (on many occasions i've had close swipes cause of this) and the passenger sees my eyes rollings and than starts arguing about how he's in the right. I tell him it's only 1 lane, why is he treating it as if i'm in a turn lane? why is he intruding in my lane when i'm already here? At which points he really gets angry and starts acting as if he wants to get out of the van and have a punch on on the streets. I tell him to relax and that look it's just common courtesy and a safety thing. He continues to argue back so i decide to ignore him till the lights turn green and just rode out of there.

    What annoys me is the fact that if a cop saw me and him arguing there is a high chance that the cop would've taken the van's side as he may assume i was lane splitting and hence fining me for such when in fact i did no such thing.

    On top of that, who tries to start a physical fight over something like this? are you serious? what are you? in year 10? You're a full grown man, act your age and be mature.

    Lesson I've learn from this? Hog the lane. Hog it like fat kid eating pizza.
  2. Hog it like john goodman hogs all the food ever.

    People will never cease to amaze me or you or anyone with their ridiculousness.

    Just the other day, i was threatened with a written warning at work because the bobcat i was using all day was down to 1/4 of a tank of diesel. He goes, "why is the bobcat out of fuel?". I said "it's not". He said "bobcat runs out of fuel, written warning!!!" while huffing and puffing and blowing the house down.

    That wouldn't be an issue, but if you're a neurotic maniac well, that 1/4 tank of diesel could explode because there's not enough diesel in there and you're an idiot.

    I hope you've learnt to always hold people who drive vans with extreme prejudice.
  3. Hate to play devils advocate but you got angry at what many bikers argue is fine to do (filter). The hunter just got hunted so to speak.

    In saying that, the guy sounds like a wanker.
  4. The difference is the the bikers will take off a lot faster than the cars they filter in front of. In this case, I doubt the van was planning to take off faster than the bike, or that it even could if the driver wanted to.

    EDIT: Just reread the post and realised that the OP was turning left, while the van was going straight (thought they were both going straight). In that case, I would have have been fine with it.
  5. That's fair enough. I'm not condoning the guys actions just saying that we share people's lanes all the time. Just pointing out the double standard in getting angry when its done back to us.
  6. I agree with this.
    If you already had your indicator on to turn left then it sounds like he hasn't done anything unreasonable by filtering up alongside you to go straight.

    It's the arguement we use when filtering at lights. It doesn't become less useful when it's the car that's moving up into place not the bike.

    That said: If you don't like it... and it'd probably make me nervous, then make sure you don't leave enough room beside you for him to have done that.
    You'll get a better go at a left hand turn from further to the right of your lane anyway.
  7. I'd probably be fine with it. The van is going straight so you don't have an obstruction just to vision, you have obstruction to anything flying through the intersection trying to make you a hood ornament. I love taking advantage of mobile barricades.

    (Of course this is based on how I read your description, maybe it was a bit different, but it doesn't sound like he clipped your mirror on the way through if you didn't even notice him.)
  8. Yeah if I am turning left in my cage I try to leave as much room as possible for cars going straight. I don't see a problem as long as you were turning left.
  9. The main road at the front of my place has a really wide left lane at an intersection, could fit 2 cages in it. I stick to the right track of it whenever i'm going straight, and many a cage has pulled up next to me when wanting to turn left.

    No problem there. Especially if you were turning left. Dude, you're on a bike, you can accelerate hell of a lot faster than a mexican smuggler.
  10. You need to own your lane - don't give them a chance to get a cage in there.

    I don't like sharing with cages

    Having re-read the post and looking at the street view. Why would you turn left hugging the left of the lane?
    Surely if you've stopped at the lights, hanging to the right of your lane will give you a better angle of attack, from stationary, through your turn into the street to the left?
    No to mention also helping you "own" the lane
  11. Gotta say (on a vaguely related note), i've filtered to the front to find that more and more people are tending to use the stop line as more of rough guide to where they should position their cars...
  12. At that intersection I'd prefer the van next to me rather than behind. If you're waiting in the middle and need to give way to pedestrians, you'll get cars (going straight) swerving around you, creating a huge chance of being rear ended. That little pocket on the left would be a much safer place to wait. In saying that, if you didn't want him to share your lane just ride in the middle. Sticking to the gutter is an invitation to pass.
  13. ^^^^ This.....

    Never been here myself but one of the first things I remember being warned about by mates when I started out riding was this sort of behavior from cagers.
  14. That intersection has quite a tapered section where you would go left, if I was turning there I would probably be pretty close to the left & with room for a car next to me, unless they were being stupid & going left aswell, I wouldn't have an issue with a car/van being there..
  15. Ahaa!!...you bumped into one of the lunatics that are allowed to roam free.
    The only issue i have is with you plonked there on your bike while APPARANTLY, from your perspective, idiot is going to get out of the truck. Never get caught out sitting on your bike. You should've eased off slowly against the red light, to protect you and the bike.

    Everyone seems to forget, that the easiest way to avoid an arskhole is not to be there....and the best thing to have when you need to "piss off", is a motorbike. So be ready to do what a bike does better than any other vehicle!
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  16. I just looked at the map in the link, and I think "Three Swallows" should have been worked into the title of the thread.
  17. +1 Raven.