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Relationship advice.........................

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Krollinator, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. So... I don't know if this is right or not to even post online - but I was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences or has any ideas about what to do...

    So I'm only young right, same with my missus - both still living at home, ect ect. I'd rather not have the "Get a new missus" advice... But I have no doubt that'll probably be thrown around.

    She's been weird lately, and I brought it up with her... And to sum it up, she pretty much said "Your bike is like your second girlfriend" and that "She doesn't like feeling like she has to compete with something materialistic"... And that "You think about it even more than you think about me".

    How the **** do I explain to her that I ****ing love riding? Is that even possible?
  2. Easiest way to fix this is to get her to try riding. Until she does, she just won't understand. But all it will take is a few short laps of some deserted carpark and she'll be hooked too.

    Failing that, get a dog
  3. Are you spending enough quality alone time (read- not sex, just the two of you) with her? Or is she getting less now that you have your bike? For some reason her emotional needs are not being met. Be thankful she's raising how she's feeling rather than just bottling it up or screwing around.
  4. She's getting less now as I'm riding - but I'm trying to pitch my riding when she's at work (which doesn't always work). Not to mention I'm also working two jobs and at uni? Our last time of "quality time" (planned to go up mt cootha and have a coffee and watch the city) was wrecked because I got a speeding fine (67 in a 50, $200 and 3 points)... So yeah.
  5. shes getting her rags
  6. my new bike was nicknamed "T.C." - The Competition by my girlfriend.
    She is happy is isn't another girl.
    like with boobs and stuff.
  7. First its your bike

    Then it will be your friends

    Then it will be your family

    one morning you wake up eunuch and then say shit like " the missus gave me permission " or " the miniater for war and finance said it was ok"

    If I was your age again I would have a new GF every week
  8. Fuck.
  9. Yes this is a tough one . its all about life balance and dividing your time.

    how long have you been riding and how long have you had the girl friend ?
    Just wondering if theses something else going on .
  10. Having a hobby is a good thing. It means you're not a one dimensional person.

    What's her hobby, if she has one? If not, maybe encourage her to find one.
  11. I cant see much of a problem with this. A lot of girls (most?) like to hold something over you, no matter what the situation. If you didn't have the bike she might accuse you of smothering her. Just don't be phased by it. Just try to do the occasional nice thing when you go for a ride, bring back flowers or chocolate.

    Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa
  12. Had the bike four months - only recently has it become an issue (to my knowledge).

    Had the girlfriend for... Just over a year now.
    Her hobby... Good point. I'll stalk this case out a little more. She used to play piano but she stopped that...

    She's usually pretty good with things I do - I think it's just this is something I feel very passionatly about. I'll certainly keep the chocolate and flowers in mind :)
  13. Tell her if she was as good a ride as the bike you would spend more time with her

  14. your man card is revoked
  15. lol.

  16. Any history in her family of riders?

    2 remote possibilities suggest themselves:
    Someone close to her has been injured in s bike accident
    Someone's relationship has already been affected by one party having a bike that they love.

    ... Or none of the above
  17. Her dad is a harley rider. Had a crash illegally street racing. Lived and is perfectly fine - mental scars only. She used to go on the back of his...

    No idea about the second one?
  18. You've got to have some 'ME' time. trust me.
    If you end up spending ALL your free time with her, when you want to something for & by yourself, you'll end up resenting her & the relationship wont last anyway.
    (that's how my EX ended up being my EX!)
  19. You could always stop trolling and continue designing those gloves...