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Rekluse Clutch and Left Hand Side Hand operated Rear brake

Discussion in 'Supermoto' started by Takamii, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. any one have any experience with these set ups

    I am trying to get my head around the pros and cons of the rekluse clutch

    so any input appreciated

    I can see the benefit of the hand operated rear brake for the motard set up though
  2. Alan Zimmer (nobrakes on some of the forums) has one on his KLR650. He did it after he lost his right arm.

    He has the front brake on the left side as well. I'll PM you his contact details.
  3. The main reason why you need a left rear brake is for extreme off roding.If you crash on a big hill there is nothing to stop the bike freewheeling back wards as you lift it upright still facing up hill with a Recluse.Even in gear without the engine spinning it has zero compression braking.As you lift it and apply the front brake the bike just slides on a locked front,no weight= sliding front wheel and bike back wards.Been there.So with the left bar rear brake you can lift it easy without slipping back wards.There is a kit from Recluse that keeps the clutch lever,its a tiny trigger gadget BUT that only works with a cable clutch.Hydro clutches need a bar master,add the Left bar brake master and it gets problematic fitting both.There are ways,do a search on Dirt Bike World for this.BTW I love my Recluse.They make tight single track so easy.
  4. left rear brake allows you to be leaned right over and to the right with the right leg out and be able to back it in for a right hander on motard set up which is why i want it rather than for dirt

    i just dont understand the rekluse clutch why would a person find benefit in it to me it sounds like it works the same as a torque convertor in an auto trans
  5. It completely removes the cough and stall that happens a lot in tight single track.They slip the clutch in a really smooth controled way if set up right all the way down to idle.Thats again off road,to be honest I don't see any advantage at bigger speeds.The later Pro Recluse model allowes full manual clutch over ride with the original clutch lever remaining if you want.For Motad use to me no advantage.There are more advantages in advanced riding skills with a std clutch.If you want a left bar brake have a look for the thumb style one finger brake Mick Dooan used,BTW they are really really expensive.
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  6. Good article (based on my limited knowledge on the topic, I have to admit) http://supermoto.si/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=563&Itemid=1&lang=english

    It's not just about rear brake, but downshifting and clutch too.
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  7. I have used a rekluse on a yz250f, it made the shifting a lot easier and made riding simpler but I couldn't see the advantages as I love changing gears (his didn't have manual override)